Brotherband Chronicles The Invaders

By John Flanagan

Book Info

Name of Book- Brotherband Chronicles Book 2 The Invaders

Author- John Flanagan

# of Pages- 430

Genre- Realistic Fiction

Lexile #- 810

Book Cover-

Changed Character

Stig was Hal's best friend.

The way he changed was because he usually had a big temper when something didn't go his way, or if someone teased or made fun of him.

When Thorn made him do something he did it without complaint.

Important Minor Character

Thorn was pretty important.

He was Hal's Father(Mikkel)'s Best Mate on another ship, Mikkel died in battle and Thorn vowed to watch over Hal.

Thorn worked to prepare the crew mates for battle against the pirates, and helped supply them with money for supplies.

He fought and defeated a lot of pirates to take back Limmat.

In the end he took one of the Pirates' crew mates on the ship with hal and his crew to lead them to the pirates.

Ending Evaluation

I believe the ending was effective.

It was a cliff-hanger when the pirates rammed a hole in one of the ships, and was about to do it again with the ship behind them, but missed and continued on to escape.

After that, there was a party for taking the town back.

Before the party ended, the crew on the ship that dodged the pirates left to catch the pirates, since the pirates stole their town's greatest treasure.

Reminds me a little about this movie

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