Just tectonic!

By Grey.A.Hill

What evidence is there that the plates have moved?

"What evidence is there that the plates have moved?" asks Dusti. Well, Dusti, there is a lot of evidence to show, because when the plates collide, pull apart or grind past each other they make things such as volcanoes, mountain ranges, and deep ocean trenches. The plates meet at plate boundaries. There are three kinds of plate boundaries: Divergent boundaries, Transform boundaries, and convergent boundaries.

Don't get down about erosion!

Erosion the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents. ((Definition from Wikipedia.)) The 3 main types of erosion are wind, water and ice. The most changing of these 3 is water. The weakest is wind, and in the middle is ice.


The rock cycle

The rock cycle starts at sediment rock from sediment. When rivers carry down sediment it weighs down into layers. Then, when it gets really hot but not hot enough to melt the rock all the way.When it does get hot enough the rock melts and turns into igenous rocks

How minerals are formed and how we identify minerals.

A mineral can form when magma or lava hardens, or when a solution evaporates. We can identify minerals by their lust, hardness, color, and shape.

All about me

Hi, I'm Grey and I'm the one who made this flyer. I like anime like AoT and hetalia.

This project.

I didn't really like it because it was kinda hard and... i totaly forgot everything so i had to reread the whole chapter. :D But it was fun!