The Heart of Haleʻiwa

January 28, 2022 Volume II Issue XI

In this Issue...

  • ESSENCE Week January 21-February 4
  • Robotics: Central Oahu Tournament

  • Butterflies Staff Activity

  • Kindergaten: Carrots
  • I-1: Garden
  • Third Grade: Be a Hero! Take Waste Down to Zero!
  • Fourth Grade: Animal Research Project and Division
  • Fifth Grade: Volleyball
  • Sixth Grade: Uncovering the Past With Haleʻiwa’s Terracottas
  • Literacy Corner: World Read Aloud Day

Haleʻiwa ESSENCE Week!

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Robotics: Central Oahu Tournament

by Mr. Haiola

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to represent Haleiwa at the Central Oahu Vex IQ Tournament at Hanalani Schools (Mililani). Both teams showed resilience and grit as they engaged through seven rounds of teamwork challenges. At the end of the day, both teams finished in the top three. Haleiwa took home their first (ever) skills champion award and their second teamwork champions award of the season. This tournament marked the end of our regular season. Thank you to both teams for your dedication and hard work to excellence.


Final match Pressli Liam w Mililani Mechs 148 pts

Butterflies Staff Activity

A couple weeks ago, Haleʻiwa staff members were invited to spend the afternoon in the Haleʻiwa Butterfly Garden to celebrate the new year. Each staff member that attended had the opportunity to pick their own chrysalis to take with them in their own butterfly tent. They were able to witness the amazing transformation of a chrysalis into a butterfly and to experience the awe-inspiring excitement of releasing their butterfly into the world.

Our staff members loved this activity!

Kindergarten: Carrots

by Ms. Brooks

Ms. Brooks’ kindergarteners got to harvest their carrots this week. They have been working hard on watering their garden the last few weeks and were very excited to see that their hard work had paid off. Everyone was able to taste (if they wanted) and some of them really did love the carrots! They were very impressed with how big some of the carrots had grown. They are looking forward to growing more vegetables throughout the year.
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I-1 Garden

by Mrs. Jeanne

Students from I-1 fill pots up with soil and plant a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, strawberries, sunflowers, and zinnias. They are all very excited to take care of their plants everyday, giving them water and love and watching them grow!

Third Grade: Be a Hero! Take Waste Down to Zero!

by Mrs. Felz

Our third-graders have been working hard to take care of our new “Zero-Waste Station”! Every morning during breakfast and lunch periods, our students volunteer to help teach people how to properly dispose of their food waste, recyclables, and trash.

At the beginning of the year, each day we would fill two BIG trash bags with our garbage. Now that we separate our food waste, recycling, and trash, we hardly produce half a bag per day!

Here are some photos of our class caring for the station. They take pride in keeping our campus clean and helping to reduce waste.

In fact, we are building three more “Zero-Waste Stations” around the school! To learn more, please watch our PSA below!
Zero Waste Station

Fourth Grade: Animal Research Project

by Ms. Yonekura

Each student in K4 completed a mini research project. Each student chose any animal of their choice that interested them. They found information about the animalʻs habitat, adaptations, and how they are able to survive in their habitats. We found out so many interesting facts about each of our animals! Finally, after writing a complete five paragraph essay, each child created fun and artistic posters about their animals, which included all of their research!

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Fourth Grade: Division

by Mr. Baker

Mr. Baker's class has been working on division during math. Students had to change one fraction in each pair so that they have the same denominator. They then rewrote the fractions. Some of the students in class helped others once they were done.

Fifth Grade: Volleyball

by Mrs. Villalpando

Fifth grader learning the fundamentals of Volleyball during Physical Education.

The game helped students improve on their communication skills and teamwork. Along with good sportsmanship. Students supported and cheered each other on. It helped build their confidence, and taught them how to lose gracefully.

Sixth Grade: Uncovering the Past With Haleʻiwa’s Terracottas

by Mrs. Burigsay-Tuvera

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Literacy Corner: World Read Aloud Day- February 2, 2022

Join us in celebrating by reading a short story aloud with your family. Please send us a picture of your family reading for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Email entries to:

Our winners will be announced in our February 11 newsletter.

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