Want to win a prize? Donate today!!

It's for the Pink Ribbon Organization.

Raffle tickets starting at 1 for $1 or 3 for $2!

Help donate money to the Pink Ribbon because we want to continue to help with research and get awareness out there worldwide! Come help us today!

We will be selling tickets until December 3rd and then on December 4th we will pull out 6 winners for 6 different gift card prizes. One of the prizes is a GAS CARD!

Please email us:

Danielle Faulisi at ______________________________ or come to Hickory 240.

Haleigh Lapp at __________________________________ or come to Oak 248

Danielle Faulisi & Haleigh Lapp

Thursday, Nov 15th, 8am to Monday, Dec 3rd, 9pm

Mansfield University