Life During The New Deal

By: Zaire Winburn

Roles Of Women

Eleanor Roosevelt helped women during her husband's administration.

- Frances Perkins was the first women to head an executive department in government

- Women became leaders in many New Deal agencies

Roles Of African Americans

- Williams Hastle was the first black federal judge in the U.S. history.

- The Black Cabinet is a group of African Americans that got approve by FDR to key government postitions

- FDR respect African Americans by saying he was at the mercy of sourthern Democrats in congress.

Artist During This Time !

- Dorothera Lange was a photographer from the 30s that took pictures of the rural and unemployed

- James Agee is a writer from the 30's

- Walker Evans was a photographer who took photos of sharecroppers in lower land

Popularity of Movies during this era

- The Grapes Of Warth was turned into a successful Hollywood film in the late 1940s

- A successful depression movie called I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang

- Movie studios produced some 5000 feauture-length films

Radio Life In American

- Listen to important speeches from the presidents on the radio.

- News from all around the world and news in american

- You can also listen to religions, music, and sports on the radio.

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Music in the 1930s

- Radio helped broaden the appeal of Jazz.

- Radio as appealed soulful and joyous.

- One famous entertainer was the Dorsey Brothers

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Sports during 1930s

- The mains sports of the 1930s were softball, golf, basketball, and track and field.

- Boxing was very popular back than as well

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