Legendary Lens

"Excellence Without Boundaries"

April 20, 2015

What does it mean to have a Legendary Lens?

How we view our purpose is influenced by our life experiences which shape our perspectives. This adds to the strength and depth of our team.
As we serve with an unrelenting commitment to excellence, we must posses a shared and common LENS. As two very wise women once said, "One Band. One Sound." makes for LEGENDARY outcomes! The Legendary Lens serves as a weekly calibration which defines our collective target and guides our aim for excellence.

High Leverage Focus

Quote of the Week

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Principal Message

As we enter the last 7 weeks, our time is going to be stretched in a 100 different directions. Plan your time, review your weekly calendar, so that you know how you are spending your time and also gives you the ability to recognize when "the noise" is rising in volume; taking you off your target.

We are in middle school and unplanned events happen all the time. Our ability to be flexible and efficient allow us to effectively problem solve and move back on course.

Remind teachers of their roles, through testing and on non-testing days so they don't loose focus and remain out of the "noise".

Which strength will rise? (We will do this on Friday!! :-)

Everyday at ARMS is a new one and this week teachers will be incredibly focused on making the most of all the time they have. As we do all we can this week to support our teachers and students, which strength will be called upon the most as we provide leadership, guidance, and encouragement this week?
Your strengths make you, "you", reflect and be intentional in how you serve others. Reflect on what you notice this week and share at Trailblazer on Friday.


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Capture the Moment!

Be an ARMS Historian~ Take Pictures of events, awesome happenings, spotlights, etc.

--Thank you Ms. Davis for the pictures!

AP's: Spring Athletic Administration Rotation

Please review and plan to attend the sessions you signed up for. Please remember to take pictures.

REVISED: 2015-2016 Instructional Coaching Planning Meeting

SATURDAY, APRIL 25TH, 12:45 - 3:00 PM

Saturday we have a Job Fair. I would truly appreciate if ICs can meet me at the Job Fair on Saturday morning. We are seeking Math, Science, and Reading Teachers and your expertise is needed in talking to candidates.

2015-2016 Teacher Performance Interviews

Please check your emails as we continue to schedule performance interviews. This Saturday's Job Fair produced several performance interview candidates. Thank you in advance for your continued support of this process.

Weekly Leadership Meeting Agendas

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APs: TEI Expert Nominations

Click here for more information. We will finalize at Core Meeting.

ALL: REVISED School Leadership Summer PD Plan


AP's: 2015 Summer Differentiated PD Nominations

Click here to review the district overview of the new TEI differentiated training and development of district teachers. We will decide at Core Meeting.

ALL: STEM Teaching Awards

Take a moment to review the teaching award process.
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