Solve mobility problems with the help of electric lift chairs

It is a sad fact of life for many of us that, as we age, we struggle to do everyday things which were completely possible until a few years ago. One example is the way that people struggle to get in and out of chairs. Conditions such as arthritis, Huntingdon's disease,and back pain or stability issues mean that getting up out of a chair can be very difficult. Something as simple as standing up after sitting in the chair for five minutes becomes impossible. Sometimes, they resort to using hard-backed dining chairs, which is not comfortable and doesn't provide a long-term solution to the problem, because over time the body can start to refuse to stand up even from firm and supportive chairs. One solution is to use a chair which offers lifting and descending through the use of a remote control.

What can these chairs do?

The electric lift chairs are sometimes also known as recliners, or lift-and-rise recliners, and are available in a range of different styles so that users can get the best available chairs to suit their home. They are also available in a range of different electronic devices, which means that users are able to select one-motor or two-motor systems to power their chair, depending upon how much help they need at the moment.

The chairs work by allowing the user to control the position of the seat. So at just one touch of the button, you can lower yourself down into a relaxed seated position, and then backwards so that you can lay back. Many also come with feet rests so you can support your lower legs while you are seated.

When you want to get up again, you use the remote control to lift you into the seating position. This movement is very slow and gentle so that you are not moved too quickly for comfort. It will tilt you upright until you are able to stand, and then you can move away from the seat. If you find the movement difficult to manage in one go, you can pause the seat. This is also good for moving from one position (reclining) into an upright position so that you can eat or drink.

Finding the best chairs for you

Whatever problem you have, you can manage to deal with it as appropriately as you can. This can sometimes mean buying for the future as well as for the present. Some chairs, for example, are designed with extra bariatric support, supposed to help people by having greater strength. Whatever type of electric lift chairs you need, there is a design and style suitable for you.

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