By Wesley H.


  • Steamships...the greatest innovation of the 19th century! Steamships have lots of great features like their speed and special engines. Steamships were a great innovation. They were an achievement of mankind and they came to great use.

What Are Steamships?

  • Steamships are exactly what they say they are. Steamships are ships power by steam only. There are many different types like the Paddle Steamer and Screw Steamer. But all of these have something in common. That is they were all used to make water travel easier than it was before in the 19th century. Steamships in this time had lots of importance in this time period. Some were even used as naval ships and supply shipment for countries such as Great Britain!

How Are Steamships Made?

  • Steamships are made with compound engines, which used less coal,freeing more space for cargo.In list from parts back to front the components of a steamship are: The stern wheel,hurricane deck,boiler deck,main deck,pilot house,stacks,cargo,roof bell,mast,hull,jack staff, and stage(I put the important ones only!). A steamship's stern is the part that is placed in/under the water and the stern wheel is what makes it go forward by steam-powered rotation.
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Steamships were great inventions that helped in transportation, shipping, and many other things. Steamships took a lot of work to make and use, but it all paid off. In was a great innovation.