Austin Roath

Ceramics Projects

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Deer Antler Cup

This piece was very easy to make I started out with a flat circle for the base. An made a rectangle long enough to wrap around the circle base. I slipped an scored those two together an made an deer horn an mounted it as the handle. And I glazed the base of it green an glazed the deer horn dark brown. An this cup has a smooth texture to it.

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Bird Whistle

This piece I made is a whistle. I built a sphere with a empty core an made a rectangular piece an mounted it on sphere. an from there I messed with it to get it to whistle. after I had got the whistle I built on to it I made a head an put it on there. then I made the back look like a tail or back end of a bird. when i got all of that on I cut out some wings made sure they were same an equal. For my paint I painted the body light blue an painted the beak, eyes, wings, an back end of it silver. to finish it off I sprayed some special glaze to make the texture more smooth

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Cowboy Hat an Cowboy Boot

What I had to do for this project was first thing I built was the soul of the boot. From that I built the neck of the boot an filled in where the foot would go of the boot. an the last thing I did to this piece was put a spur on it I made a rectangle with to coils an a spur an put all of that together to get my boot. The very last thing I did to this whole project was make a cowboy hat I got a flat circle an ball an put the ball in the middle of circle slab an from there shaped it in to a cowboy hat. An has a smooth texture to it.
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Dot Vase

The first thing I did to this project was made a base that was a circle an from there I made coils to small to big coils an got smaller again. I put extra support on the inside, for design I made dots an I spreaded them out an I have a pattern goin on. For the color I glazed it in dark brown an it has a smooth texture.