You're going to love this course, here is what I enjoyed;

Exciting subjects!

The main aspect I enjoyed most about this course was the variety of different IT subjects we got to learn about. This kept the course fresh and exciting every week. My most favorite subject was games design. This let our imaginations run wild, as we got to come up with an idea of our own game, and got to play games in class, yes that's right! You will love this too!

Tutors are friendly!

Tutors are great and easy to talk to about any of your problems whilst on the course. They're very helpful with assignments and making sure you know what you're doing in each assignment.


This IT course will give you loads of opportunities for trips, i loved the fact we got so many chances to go to new places. My favorite trip was to bowling, this really improved the class' team working skills and made sure everyone bonded. There was also a very interesting trip to the National Computing Museum in Bletchley. These trips are all together great fun for you and your new friends.

Making new friends!

With your new IT course you will easily make new friends. During practicals there will be many opportunities to work as a team and improve your team working skills. Classes have a very relaxed atmosphere, this lets you have time to help each other with assignments and tasks.