Civil War Battles in Texas

Battle of Galveston

  • Confederate Leader: John B. Magruder Union leader: Isaac S. Burrel
  • January 1, 1863
  • The Union attacked and took over galveston with wooden ships
  • Texas attacked the Union troops with their Iron Clad Ships and easily won
  • The port was of little due to not being able to open the ports

Battle of Sabine pass

Confederate Leader: Richard W. Dowling Union Leader: Fredrick Crocker

September 8, 1863

The Battle of Sabine Pass took place in 1863. The odds were stacked in the favor of the Union troops with their numbers but, somehow the 47 Texans came out on top for a victory. The troops captured 2 gunboats and 300 Union soldiers.
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Famous Battle Units

Battle of Brownsville

  • Confederate Leader:Hamilton P. Bee Union Leader: Nathaniel P. Banks
  • November 6, 1863
  • The Union attacked Brownsville, hoping to cut off confederate supply lines.
  • This hurt the Confederacy because this was were their cotton, supplies, and weapons move through.
  • The confederates fleed from the fight and blew up the fort with 8,00 pounds of explosives.
  • Later, when the Union forces were moving along the Rio Grande, they were stopped by General Santos Benavides

Battle of Red River

Confederate Leader: Richard Taylor Union Leader: Nathaniel P. Banks

March 10th - May 22nd, 1864

In 1864, the union sent out a large invasion force to take out Texas from the east by following the red river. The Union force was making progress until they were attacked in Mansfield, Louisiana. There, they were defeated by the confederates which brought an end to their invasion. But this wouldn't be the last trick the Union had up their sleeves.
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Battle of Palmito Ranch

Confederate Leader: John "Rip" Ford Union Leader: Theodore H. Barrett

May 13, 1865

The battle of Palmito was fought in 1865. Although it was a confederate victory, the war had already ended. Because of the lack of communication, the confederate troops hadn't known that the confederacy had surrendered a month ago. They weren't happy with this, especially since they had won this battle.
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