The Black Death

By Me

Quick Information

The Black Death was a pandemic that took place in the mid-fourteenth century. It wiped out over 1/3 of Europe's population and made room for the Renaissance to take place. Today, we call it's known as the Bubonic Plague.
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The streets filling with bodies

How it was Transferred

Rats carried the disease, and they easily passed it on through bites and fleas. The Black Death was transferred so easily because rats overflowed the living quarters of everyone, including the King and his nobles. Plus, the overwhelming amount of bodies that flooded the streets still had the disease within them.
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The Rats carried the disease

How it was Cured

Technically, there wasn't an actual cure for the Black Death. One day it just... dissapeared. Didn't come back. To this day, historians and scientists do not know what caused it to go away. The Medieval People theorized that the Black Death was a punishment from God to the people for not following his rules.
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Thousands of people believed that the Black Death was a punishment from God.