adriana garcia


there are alot of sports in the world. Most people like to play the sport, but some people like to watch the sport.

soccer, basketball, baseball

Soccer is a easy sport to play what you have to do is kick the ball into the goal and who ever get the most goals wins the the sport of basketball you have to make the shot into the basket to make a point basketball is a bit harder than soccer.both sports are dangerest in soccer you can get hit in the face with the soccer ball you can get get kicked by the other base ball how you play is you have four bases you have 1st 2nd 3rd and home you have to hit the ball with the baseball bat and you have three strikes if you get all three then your out to me base ball is a boring sport and its confusing to play most people pefer to play basketball and soccer then baseball but all sports are fun to play with family and friends.