Knowledge of Roman Society

Roman Citizenship, Laws, Justice, and Punishments

By Ismerai Morales & April Lopez

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Roman Citizenship

• The Male Romans have all rights

• Women had limited rights they couldn't vote

• Slaves had almost no rights - small chances for freedom

• Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights


•Focused on:

- marriage

- inheritance - what familiy get when a member dies

- contracts bettween people

• Laws were written

Roman Justice

•Natural laws giving every citizen rights

- Connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happines

• Justice made court decisions from trials and evidence


• Fit the crime committed

- Fines - pays money

- beatings

- banishments - have to leave rome

- slavery

- execution

• Patricide - killing your father, was punished by being drowned in a river

• Slaves were beaten, harder work, or often crucified