Paolo Sebastian

Paul Vasileff

Birth Place

Adelaide , Australia
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About Fashion Deigner : Paolo Sebastian

Education : Milian's Europeo Istituto Di Design

Early designing experience : At age 17 in 2007 had very first fashion show with 60 pieces of material .

Famous for : Wedding Dresses , Bridal Dresses , (Common) Dresses

Awards : N/A

Decade : Vintage / Modern

Use of color : Contemporary

Fabrics : Silks , French Lace , Opulent Silk

Silhouettes : Tailoring , fit and romantic

Style : Classic and elegant

Accessories : Lace , floral Appliques


Paolo Sebastian's Collections can start from $200-$4,000

Which puts him in a designer/couture price market because this designer clothing is a name brand and his designs and clothing are hard to find.

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Important information

* Started at the age of 14 (clearly had a strong ambition which everyone should have)

* Had support through years of learning

* Took his dream and made them happen

Other Endorsments ?