4th Grade

What is a Monoprint?

When artists do printmaking they create many copies of the same picture (like a rubber stamp).

Monoprinting is a different type of printmaking because it is virtually impossible to create the same image repeatedly. Even thought no two prints will be alike they could look similar.

Monoprints can be created with any smooth surface.

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Printing Plate: A surface that is used to create a print

Subtractive Method: the entire printing plate is painted and then paint is removed to create an image

Additive Method: An image is painted directly onto the printing plate and then a print is created

Combination Method: A print created by printing first with the subtractive method and then with the additive method on the same piece of paper.

Ghost Image: An image that is seen if an image is left on the printing plate and then another print is made - often occurs in the combination method

Strike: To print

Can you tell if the monoprints below are additive or subtractive?

These two prints are additive prints with many strikes in many colors.

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4th monoprints