Superintendent Update

CSD Superintendent Dr. Carrie Andrews, July 29, 2020

Dear Cambrian Families and Staff,

Each day brings us closer to the start of a new school year. I want to update you on the progress and important developments known to date as we prepare for reopening. Over the past few months, the Cambrian team has diligently been adapting to the local/state protocols and has been creating an engaging, rigorous curriculum for your students for the 2020-21 school year.

At this point, we will be starting the school year with distance learning for all students. The District is also offering the Virtual School Program, a separate distance online learning program for the entire school year with the option to return in late spring of 2021, whether the pandemic improves or not. In the Cambrian School District we will continue to provide flexible planning for our ever changing circumstances and I appreciate your understanding as we adapt to new requirements as well.

Next week I will be hosting a Cambrian School District Welcome to the 2020-21 School for all Cambrian families and parents on Tuesday, August 4th from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. via Zoom.

I will provide details along with my team as to the reopening of school this year and guidelines we must follow, safety protocols and what instruction will look like for students.

The Welcome back to School session we will focus on the following three areas:

  1. Guidelines and requirements we must follow for Public K-12 Schools

  2. Safety protocols and requirements

  3. What instruction will look like for our Cambrian Students this year (preschool-8)

I recognize you may have questions as well, and I want to make sure we provide you with all the necessary information as we move forward throughout the school year. On our website, we have posted a link where you can pose questions and we will add answers to our Cambrian Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that is being updated daily. As we get questions we will add information to our Cambrian FAQs. Click this link to view the CSD website’s FAQs.

I hope you are able to attend the Welcome Back Event on Zoom next week and if you are able to do so please email Carlena Grandey at the District Office at You just need to indicate in the subject line or email you would like to attend the Welcome Back to School event and Ms. Grandey will send you the link to attend the Zoom session. This event is being provided specifically for our Cambrian families, parents and staff.

If your plans have changed and you have decided your child will no longer be attending Cambrian School District this year, please contact Carlena Grandey at

Thank you again for your patience, support and collaboration with the Cambrian School District during this unprecedented time in history. We are excited to start a new school year and reconnect with all of our students. Thanks again for your invaluable support.


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