Positive Peer Pressure

Introduction to Computer Safety

Digital safety is an important thing and we will spend the next 6 months talking about different topics that involve digital safety. Next month we will be discussing personal information, in December we will be talking about following computer rules, in January we will be informing you about online bullying, in February we will talk about computer protection and gscholar, in March will be telling you about social media and talking to strangers, and the last month, April, we will discussing what you post now can come back later.

Positive Peer Pressure

LCIMS Positive Peer Pressure (P3) Club, a group of students in grades five through eight, focus on helping their classmates recognize and engage in healthy lifestyles. The student-driven organization meets every Wednesday morning before school in Ms. Mashburn's room. All students are welcomed!
Oversharing - Digital Citizenship


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