The Blood of Olympus

By Rick Riordan (Taylor Till)

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Jason's personality,wants and fears.

(Jason is one of the main characters.) His personality is on the outside he is very strong,brave and also a very caring person (especially toward piper.) but on the inside he is emotional and kinda sad.Wants:He wants to regain his fully memory back and also wants to destroy his past/demons he has.Fears:His fears are losing piper and everyone that really cared for him and was always there for him.

What are the two to three major conflicts in this book?

One conflict (man vs man) in the book,is when the group has to defeat the goddess Gaea.The group has to defeat Gaea before she takes over and destroys the earth,the way to destroy her is defeating her army of giants,evil spirits etc.Another conflict (man vs himself.) is when Jason is facing his mother and trying to defeat his demons he has to defeat these "demons" in order to move on from his past and he has to defeat his mom's ghost to get rid of the pain/demons he has.