Gifted, Accellerated, and Social

Huge Myth "Accelerated gifted kids don't socially adjust."

Myth Buster! Gifted Children who skip grades or work at an accellerated pace adjust socially. A picture says a thousand words...

Observation of gifted students over the past several years, ( being the parent of two gifted accelerated students myself), has afforded me the opportunity and access to many gifted children and their parents. A picture says a thousand words. With permission from the parents and now young adults themselves I share with you hope for a brighter future. They may be introverts or extroverts. Can you tell which ones are the gifted ones?

Is your child gifted? The chacteristics might surprise you as there are many myths.

The link to ABC Ontario's is a great resource to help parents find appropriate sources for diagnoses and guidance to parents, teachers, and the general public about gifted children. Gifted children need our encouragement, guidance, and support. They are the future leaders of tomorrow. They are often mistreated because of the myths. You can change that. Become educated, explore the site at ABC Ontario.

She's a gifted student, a model and an exempliary person. She is my daughter.

She is socially adjusted even though she has had accelerated programming in school.