For Ms. Campbell's World Issues Class


1. We discussed a plan of action.

2. We considered different approaches to the project (which coffee places, what to say, etc.)

3. We contacted Tim Horton's and Robin's with our suggestions.

4. We waited for replies.

5. The replies were dismissive, so we decided to do it our way.

7. We talked to our friends and posted on Facebook about our ideas.

8. We went to Tim's and explained our idea to the cashier. She thought we were really weird.

9. We tried this a few more times. We went back and checked the status of our suspended coffees, but they seemed to have been forgotten.

10. We made plans to continue trying in the future!


Working on this project has been a fairly interesting experience. Although we weren’t particularly successful in our efforts, we gained understanding of how to put a plan into action. The part of our project that I found most interesting was our attempts to contact the headquarters of Tim Horton’s and Robin’s. Both companies had contact sections on their websites with an option for sending in suggestions and ideas. Anna and I worded our correspondence carefully. We attempted to sound informative, enthusiastic and cordial. I thought we did a pretty good job, but it didn’t stop the companies from delaying their responses significantly and when they did respond, doing so in a dismissive manner. I know they can’t exactly take every idea that’s sent into them and I’m sure they get their share of hate mail and letters from crazy people, but our e-mail wasn’t either of those things and yet the responses we received could easily have been auto-replies. I thought it was interesting that both companies made it seem as if they were willing to communicate with their patrons, but that both did not follow through on this. Even if Tim’s and Robin’s didn’t care about our project, I really do like the idea of it and I would like to continue putting in effort towards it in the future. Hopefully, one day, it catches on!