April 2016 Success Report

The Charming Dotties

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Fun Stats about April

Hey ladies!
I have not had my baby and am now on the countdown :) (One week- or less!) I have been trying to get ready for the baby and finish this incredible report of our AMAZING APRIL! There was SO much exciting info to include so a huge thank you for your patience!!!

Vicky Byrd came in #28 in the entire company world-wide in Top Sales for April!!
Meghann VanderBaan came in #67 in the entire company world-wide in April!!

We had 190 Trunk shows in April!

We welcomed 28 new stylists from 9 different states!!!!

We gave away over $35,000 in FREE style rewards to our amazing Hostesses in April! #happyhostess

We had 5 team promotions!

We have 5 Glam Level One achievers already!!


I just wanted to give a heart-felt CONGRATULATIONS & message of GRATITUDE to everyone for an AMAZING Awe-inspiring April! We hit "Senior Director" in April thanks to our epic team sales (selling over $41,000 what we needed ($120K) to hit this mark) and had 190 Trunk Shows!!! We also had your amazing leaders hitting their payranks- Marni Smith & Meghann VanderBaan hitting Associate Director as well as new promotion AD Meghan Heuring!!! STARS: Gillian Matthews, Kim Hardin, Anne Stevens, new Star Vicky Byrd, Kristy Jones, & Amanda Byrne!! It was mind-boggling and so inspiring to watch everyone soar to new heights in sponsoring, sales, and growth and promotions in April and I know that the momentum, energy, and support within this amazingly special team will continue to grow and flourish! SO PROUD and HONORED to lead the Charming Dotties Team!

APRIL 2016 Combined Team Sales

As a TEAM we sold.... 161,586!!!!!!!!
This is a 37% increase from March! Which is CRAZY GOOD!
and this is a 75% increase in team sales year over year from last April! (MY MIND WAS BLOWN when I figured out that statistic!!!!!)

Our team goal is to continue to stay over $120,000 in team sales in a month!!

If you sold one pair of earrings, had a trunk show or 4 trunk shows, or beat your best in sales... you were a part of that!!!
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Congrats to our new LEAD stylist

Taylor Trax!

Congrats to our newest ASSOCIATE Stylists!

Paige Morris!! Not only does she have 3 little guys and a brand new baby girl, she is rocking her business incredibly successfully and having SO much fun sharing the JOY!

How can YOU get to Associate Stylist!?!
It's just You + One stylist and collectively you do $2,500 in sales.
Let your sponsor know you want to go for it and map out a plan together! Check out Stellaverse for more specifics on the rewards and how to get there!!
*If you are still in your Jumpstart, remember that you will earn $500-$800 in extra free product when you hit Associate Stylist in your Jumpstart!

Congrats to our newest SENIOR STYLIST!!!! Heather Jones of Lake Orion, Michigan!

Our newest Senior Stylist is a momma of 4 girls, working her business successfully and flexibly on her own terms! CONGRATS!!!

Congrats to our newest STAR Stylist! Vicky Byrd of Lacy, Washington!

It should be NO wonder that this Stellar Seller extraordinaire and amazing "natural" connector, is our newest STAR Stylist!!! Vicky I think our whole TEAM was rooting for you in April!! ;) With personal sales over $11,000 and a lifetime of sales over $56,000 in her first year as a stylist, Vicky celebrated her 1 Year "Stellaversary" as a Stylist with a HUGE promotion to Star! With her quickly growing team across the US and her savvy social-media know-how, Vicky has grown into such a natural leader and pace car for our team! So thrilled for you!

Congrats to our newest ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Meghan Heuring of Freeburg, Illinois!

Meghan has such a natural leader persona and this was such an exciting promotion to the Associate Director ranks for Meghan!!! With an ever-growing team, and amazingly strong team volume, this team had all the stars align for this very special promotion! With a lot of heart, hustle, positivity, and sheer determination... Meghan achieved this VERY special level at Stella & Dot! Earning herself not only her first $750 bonus, but a spot a Director Day in Orlando this summer!!!! Your team is on fire and I have a feeling there will be a lot more exciting promotions to celebrate on this team!
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Top 10 in Sales for April 2016

Victoria Byrd $11,677

Meghann VanderBaan $8,635

Gillian Mathews $7,392

Anne Stevens $7,179

Kelli Robinson $7,071

Amanda Byrne $6,332

Marni Smith $4,681

Sara Van Scyoc $4,433

Kaitlin Roseman $3,890

Lisa Raubolt $3,611

Who gave themselves a Comission BOOST!

These ladies gave themselves a Pay bump! By selling over $2500, their commission bumped up to 30%!!!!

Marni Smith

Sara Van Scyoc

Kaitlin Roseman

Lisa Raubolt

Kathryn Duffey

Marissa Wolfe

Elyssa Sardy

Ria Zandier

Meghan Stegemann

Marianne Diels

Jennifer Ramundo

Sabrina Kaufman

Comission Bump to 32%!!

By selling over $5000 in the month, the following stylist(s) bumped up to even the next personal commission level! 7%!!

Meghann VanderBaan

Gillian Mathews

Anne Stevens

Kelli Robinson

Amanda Byrne

Comission Bump to 35%

Vicky Byrd... got over $1,000 just in sales commission bonuses by selling over $10,000 in April!! WHOHOO!!!!!

Want to earn even more Income & Rewards?! Here's How!

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Welcome to our newest Stylists and congrats to their Sponsors!!!

Anna Carbonara of Des Plaines, IL (Sponsor: Marni Smith)

Jean Nowarita of Valparaiso, IN (Sponsor: Elizabeth Garcia- 1st time sponsor!)

Kelsey Powers of Troy, MI (Sponsor: Kim Hardin)

Jennifer Haft of Ann Arbor, MI (Sponsor: Anne Stevens)

Elizabeth Domantay of Carol Stream, IL (Sponsor: Kaitlin Roseman- 1st time sponsor!)

Tami Carroll of Gilbert, AZ (Sponsor: Victoria Byrd)

Dianna Stoffer of Aloha, OR (Sponsor: Connie Gonzalez- 1st time sponsor!)

Stacy RIES of Belleville, IL (Sponsor: Stefanie Lynn- 1st time sponsor!)

Morgan Andreano of Commerce Township, MI (Sponsor: Sabrina Kaufman)

Kaly Dipprey of Kaufman, TX (Sponsor: Emily McMurray- 1st time sponsor!)

Carla Wiercigroch of Commerce Township (Sponsor: Elyssa Sardy)

Katie Waeltz of New Athens, IL (Sponsor: Meghan Kreher)

Elizabeth Bracken of Dallas, TX (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews)

Ashley Mary of Bridgeville, PA (Sponsor: Megan Peebles)

Lourdes Bazzi of Livonia, MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson)

Lindsay Hopf of Buffalo Grove, IL (Sponsor: Kaitlin Roseman)

Cindy Anne Strong Broz of Temecula, CA (Sponsor: Amy Porter)

Jennifer Ayres of Rochester Hills, MI (Sponsor: Kristy Jones)

Kelly Ferencz of Brighton, MI (Sponsor: Leslie Farmer)

Sally Jirjis of Macomb, MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson)

Mary Wood of Chicago, IL (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews)

Katie Fendt of Grass Lake, MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson)

Sarah Labancz of Sterling Heights, MI (Sponsor: Taylor Trax)

Kathleen McAdams of Ann Arbor, MI (Sponsor: Anne Stevens)

Tiffany Son of Foundation Valley, CA (Sponsor: Deanna Pyeon)

Maylen McClenic of Pensacola, FL (Sponsor: Elyssa Sardy)

Kelly Leonard of Chicago, IL (Sponsor: Lisa Raubolt)

Sarah Ricketts of Royal Oak, MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson)

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The Following stylists were Qualified -Sold $500+ retail (325 PQV)

Abbe Feder

Allison Malone

Amanda Byrne

Amelia Srugis

Amy Porter

Anne Stevens

Ashley Mary

Ashley O'Toole

Ashley Voticky

Aviva Rubin

Connie Gonzalez

Dana Heimann

Danielle Rodriguez

Deanna Pyeon

Elizabeth Bernhard

Elizabeth Buttell

Elyssa Sardy

Emily Farrell

Emily McMurray

Emily Rodenbeck

Gabrielle Bratic

Gemma Rockett

Gillian Mathews

Gina Engel

Heather Feeney

Heather Jones

Jacquelyn Kallam

Jaime Holocher

Janelle Barrera

Jennifer Presley

Jennifer Ramundo

Jessica Kubiak

Joanna Collins

Jodi Markwood

Kaitlin Roseman

Katherine Mathews

Kathleen McAdams

Kathryn Duffey


Katie Waeltz

Kelli Robinson

Kelly Leonard

kim hardin

Kristy Jones

Lauren Hartman

Lee Thalhamer

Leigh Anne Mixon

Leslie Farmer

Liliana Dujela

Lisa Chura

Lisa Raubolt

Lori Morgan

Marianne Diels

Marissa Wolfe

Marni Smith

Mary Wood

Megan Peebles

meghan heuring

Meghan Kreher

Meghan Stegemann

Meghann VanderBaan

Natalie Gapinski

Nicole Lanier

Paige Morris

Patricia Brennan

Quinn Mullin

Ria Zandier

Sabina Urdes

Sabrina Kaufman

Sara Van Scyoc

Sarah Labancz

Sarah Ricketts

Sue O'Callaghan

Tami Carroll

Taylor Trax

Tracey Buckley

Victoria Byrd

Wendy Payne

Wendy Roe

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The Following stylists sponsored!!

Congratulations to the following stylists who brought new Stylist in our amazing team!!

Kelli Robinson: 4 new Stylists

Anne Stevens, Gillian Mathews, Kaitlin Roseman, & Elyssa Sardy: 2 New stylists!

Marni Smith, Elizabeth Garcia, Vicky Byrd, Connie Gonzales, Stephanie Lynn, Sabrina Kaufman, Emily McMurry, Amy Porter, Lisa Raubolt, Meghan Kreher, Kristy Jones, Leslie Farmer, Taylor Trax, Deanna Peon, Megan Peebles, & Kim Hardin: 1new Stylist
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These stylists had new qualified stylists this month!!

3 new Qualified Stylists: Gillian Matthews!

2 New Qualified Stylists: Victoria Byrd

1 New Qualified Stylist:

Anne Stevens

Kelli Robinson

Marni Smith

Lisa Raubolt

Paige Morris

Meghan Kreher

Taylor Trax

Megan Peebles

Amy Porer

Melissa Mashner

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Shine bright like DIAMONDS! The following ladies have already earned their diamon necklace!!!

Meghann VanderBaan
Gillian Matthews
Anne Stevens
Vicky Byrd
Amanda Byrne
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A word about the NEW & IMPROVED Style Fix Coupon that starts for this Quarter (April-June) for Fall Sampling!

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Home Office listens to us... and they've made it even better!

NEW STYLEfix Pass levels?

  • $200 STYLEfix Pass – Earn $200 in samples for only $69 when you sell 500 PQV at least 1 month in the quarter
  • $500 STYLEfix Pass – Earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell 500 PQV every month OR 3000 PQV cumulatively in the quarter
  • $1000 STYLEfix Pass – Earn $1000 in samples for $198 when you achieve the Pay Rank of Star Stylist or above at least one month during the earning period AND sell at least 2000 PQV each month in the quarter!

How long do I have to earn my STYLEfix Pass?

You can earn your STYLEfix Pass every calendar quarter. The earning period begins on the first day of the month of the new quarter. You can earn 4 times a year!

That's $2000 in potential free jewelry!!! Plus host twice in a calendar year, that gives you $500 more FREE product! Plus boost your rewards with other incentives and within the compensation plan structure!!

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Hoopla Registration is OPEN

Have you registered for hoopla yet?!? I'm so excited to celebrate with all of you in July!
FAQ in the Lounge (first page, bottom right corner)

Register HERE now! We are hoping to have at least 35 of us there!


Kelli Robinson

Senior Director & Founding Leader
The Charming Dotties Stylist Team
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