SHS Library Learning Center


How do I find the books I want?

  • All fiction books are located on the shelves that line the outside walls.
  • Non-fiction books are located on the shelves in the middle of the LLC.
  • The fiction books are genrefied. Meaning they are placed in the categories of Adventure, Classics, Dystopian, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror/Thriller, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Story Collection, Sports, and Picture books.
  • Dictionaries, thesauruses, atlas, larger display books, newspapers, and some magazines are located on shelves behind the circulation desk.
  • New books will be displayed on the shelf you first see when you walk in. Books here will rotate monthly.
  • The current Gateway nominees are located on the shelf when you first come in.
  • Free library is located on the back wall behind the circulation desk. Here you will find books that are free to take or leave.