Third Grade Times

News for Third Grade Events

May 9-May 13

SLE: A Well Rounded Individual Who: works to promote social justice in his/her community.

Curriculum for the week

Math: Ch. 12: division (finishing this week and will have a test)

Handwriting: Writing sentences in cursive

Language Arts: Contractions, present tense verbs

Reading: Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legent

Social Studies: Native Americans

Religion:Family Life: Plant life is important


Monday: Monday, May 9- Library and Computers

Tuesday: May 10- P.E. and Spanish Class

Wednesday: May 11: School-wide mass and May Crowning

Thursday: May 12: late Start ; P.E. ; Jogger's club

Friday: May 13: Hot Lunch; School Assembly at 8:05; Talent Show - 6-9pm

Math Facts log and Reading logs

Math facts and Reading logs will continue going home. Students should work on their multiplication facts at home for 10 minutes. If students do not have flash cards or a flash card app at home, they will take home their mulitplication facts sheets from class. Please sign off to show they have completed them. Students should also read 15 minutes and have log initialed. Students need to turn these in at the end of the week to get credit for their homework grade. Each night is 5 points totaling 20 pts.


Students have been working on a new website/app called Sumdog. It has been a hit in the classroom and will also be used at home. Assignments/challenges and assessments will also be done on this website to help students with Math skills and grammar skills.

Spelling Words for the Week - Contractions

Students will now be using their spelling words in a sentence for their spelling test. Spelling will be checked, as well as how the word is being used.

1. I'd

2. he's

3. haven't

4. doesn't

5. let's

6. there's

7. wouldn't

8. what's

9. she's

10. aren't

11. hasn't

12. couldn't

13. he'd

14. they're

15. we're

16. weren't

17. can't

18. isn't

19. wasn't

20. that's

Classroom Supplies

Thank you so much for your continuous donations to our class. Any student that donates to the class will be given a homework pass.