Level 4 Design Expo

Vaisnavi T

Our Special Day is Coming Soon

Our inquiry topic was on Design, Creativity and Technology. During the depth of this term I consulted, tested, failed and finally suceeded the project. I am hoping you can come and see my final product. I hope to see you there and see everything I have done.

Level 4 Expo

Thursday, Dec. 6th 2012 at 6-7pm

29 Livingstone Road

Vermont South, VIC

We have got our design expo at the time and date above.

My Project

The first and most important thing that I had to do was research what type of wood to get, whether I bought it or reused wood and so on. I also had to research what colour paint to use and whether my client even wanted it to be painted or not

We are Hexahara Solutions

Hexahara Solutions always tries its best to solve their clients problems or needs and if it is not to their clients needs there will be a alternative option for the client.