Sammy Davis Jr

''The ultimate mystery is one's own self.''

Personal Information

Sammy Davis Jr was born in Harlem,New York on December 8,1925.He was born to a black modern star Sammy Davis Sr his father and a Puerto rican dancer Elvera Sanchez his mother.Sammy is a Singer,Dancer an a entertainer.At an young age of 3 years of age he had a love to the singing and dancing.That when his parents notices he was going to have a love for those things.Then from there he started to perform with his father and mother.


in 1950 he went solo and produced 2 albums and they where so successful that he then was even the headliner in Las Vegas and also in his home town New York.He was really known he was in the Mr. Wounderful Music Comedy and also in the Golden Boy.But then in November 1954 he almost lost his life in a terrible car accident.He had shadered his face and had lost to loose his left eye.

''One of a kind''

“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”

Then on May 16,1990 in Beverly hills,California he died from Cancer.He had been a smoker all his life.People will always remember him for who he was a one of a kind person.A person that there are hard to find for all that they did.For being a person that has helped other.