Black Eye

By: Carrie Dyer

Jaxon was getting bullied at school, and his bully met him in the bathroom and punched Jaxon in the eye. After a few minutes, Jaxon looked in the mirror and saw that he had a black eye. The injury was an acute one and the mechanism of the injury is the contact of the bully's fist to Jaxon's eye. A black eye is caused by broken blood vessels around the eye.
Jaxon went to the school nurse and told her what happened. The nurse looks at his eye to see how bad is it and if the area is very swollen. The nurse applied and ice pack to reduce the swelling of the eye. While reducing the swelling helps, the black eye doesn't completely go away until about 2 weeks.
Once the nurse has assesed the situation as much as possible she calls Jaxon's parents to let the know what has happened.