Sybil Ludington

Where was she from?

Sybil was from Dutchess County, New York.

When was she born and when did Sybil die?

Sybil was born on April 5,1761. She died on February 26,1839.

Did Sybil Ludington ever get married?

Sybil Ludington was married to Edmond Ogden in 1784.

Did she have any children?

Sybil had one child, she had a son named Henry.

What made Sybil Ludington a hero?

On the night of April 26,1777, Colonel Ludington received word that the British were attacking Danbury, Connecticut, which was 25 miles from Ludington's home in New York State. Sybil Ludington went out to gather her father's troops and warn the countryside of the British troops' incoming attack. She took a forty-mile route by horse, and riding through the pouring rain, shouted that the British were burning Danbury, and called for the militia to assemble at the home of Colonel Ludington. By the time Sybil returned home from her ride, around four hundred men were assembled, ready to stop the British army. Sybil Ludington rode farther than the famous Paul Revere on his Midnight Ride. She was recognized by George Washington and continued to help during the revolutionary war as a messenger. Her hometown was later renamed Ludingtonville after her heroic ride. Sybil used a stick to prod her horse and knock on doors. She also used a stick to beat robbers and British people who tried to stop her. She was only sixteen at the time of her heroic ride.
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