CTE Newsletter

Volume 6, Issue 3 - March 2022

Sumner County Schools

GHS Fire Science Student Brett Victor Receives Badge, Begins Career

A Sumner County student learned the skills to pay the bills and now he's employed. Congratulations to 2021 Gallatin High School Alum Brett Victor. Brett was a student in the GHS Fire Science class and received his badge and oath at Gallatin Fire Department Station 1. Brett was encouraged to take the class by his father, a police officer, because he wasn't sure what he wanted to do for a career.

Fire Science is taught by Gallatin Fire Department Assistant Chief, Scott Woodward, and Battalion Chief of Training, Tyler Racki, with several firefighters making guest appearances.

"It's a pretty cool experience. It's great that I got to know them (GFD Chief Scott Woodward and Battalion Chief of Training Tyler Racki) before I was hired and now that they are my bosses, it's pretty cool," Gallatin High School Alum Brett Victor said. "I recommend anyone that is thinking about taking the class, to go for it. If you don't like, it doesn't matter, it's still a good experience."

Gallatin High School’s firefighter class is a unique experience. There are only a few programs like it across the nation and it's a collaboration between Gallatin Fire Department, Volunteer State Community College, and Sumner County Schools which allows juniors and seniors to earn college credit while getting hands-on experience from real firefighters.

"We get to see students go through high school and then once they get out of high school, we get to employ them," Gallatin Fire Department Battalion Chief of Training Tyler Racki said. "We are changing the lives of our students and reciprocating that out to the community and lending that helping hand even further."

Brett was also selected as Class President by his recruit class for his passion and dedication. Sumner County Schools was also pleased to see another alumnus as part of today's ceremony. Station Camp High School Alum Jeffrey Swift has also joined the Gallatin Fire Department. He attended Vol State and Middle Tennessee State University. After graduation, he decided to return to his hometown to serve his community. He was awarded the PT award. Congratulations Brett Victor and Jeffrey Swift! You make SCS proud!

As always, we are thankful for our community partners and greatly appreciative of our first responders and everything they do to keep Sumner County safe.

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Fire Science

Pre-Apprenticeship Program with NASG

Portland HS is excited to be taking the next step in providing amazing opportunities for its CTE students. Portland High School has partnered with North American Stamping Group (NASG) to create a pre-apprenticeship program through the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Students who have gone through the Machining or Welding program are able to work at NASG on weekdays after school with the chance to potentially join the full apprenticeship program.

Pictured from left to right are Larry Dickens, Training Manager at NASG; Trey Pitt, Machining Teacher at PHS; Allen Dyer, PHS Assistant Principal; and Matthew Ellithorpe, Welding Teacher at PHS.

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GHS - Green Wave Grounds Opens

Gallatin High School opened its new drink shop, Green Wave Grounds, in January 2022. Students have developed this business plan to help with the Business and Marketing Department and are competing at DECA's state competition based on their idea. The drink shop offers coffee, mochas, iced coffees, hot chocolate, flavored teas, and lemonades. They have had great success their first month and have gained real world experience as they learn to navigate all details in creating and managing their business. Students competing at DECA state with Green Wave Grounds are Drew Dyer, Lilly DeGlopper, and Calista Rich.

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HHS - FFA Flowers on the Hill

On February 24, students from Hendersonville High School joined FFA clubs from across the state for Flowers on the Hill. Pictured with Governor Lee are students Chloe Ward, Sydney Trammell, Paige Pardue, Carly Ward, Sophia Chaplin, and David Wilson with teachers Amy Garrison, Jessica Ross and Hailey Gates.
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The fall VEX Thursday night league wrapped up at White House High School. The game this year, Tipping Point, revolves around scoring mobile goals in home zones, scoring rings on mobile goal branches, and balancing robots and mobile goals on platforms. In the finals, WHHS B team was paired with Montgomery Bell Academy against two teams from Hendersonville HS. With 20 seconds left, the score was HHHS 120, MBA/WHHS 80. Watch the video below for the conclusion!

MBA Robotics / White House High School Finals

In December, WHHS hosted a tournament at Vol State Community College. Sean Ike (pictured below), a WHHS student, earned a $500 scholarship from Vol State.

As a result of the league, WHHS team B has qualified to advance to the state tournament in March 2022. Team B consists of Tanner Adams (Driver/Builder), Ben Ellithorpe (Programmer) and Christian White (Builder).

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FBLA Region Results

Beech High School

Accounting - Parth Paatel, 2nd place

Accounting - Dev Desai, 3rd place

Accounting - Yolltic Madrigal, 6th place

Accounting - Chris Davis, 10th place

Business Calculation - Marcus Wrtiesman, 2nd place

Business Calculation - Dylan Thurman, 7th place

Business Law - Ella Paligo, 1st place

Business Management - Noah Wunder, Nic Simmons, Sam Pindrock 1st place

Computer Problem Solving - Andrew Peek 2nd place

Health Care Administration - Sydney Health, 3rd place

Human Resource Management - Sophia Benard, 1st place

Intro to Business Procedures - Brianna Faulk, 4th place

Intro to Event Planning - Avriana Lewis

Intro to Financial Math - Cohen Oswald, 6th place

Intro to Public Speaking - Clara Davis

Job Interview - Ellen Ridgill, 2nd place

Journalism - Nya Benoit, 5th place

UX Design - Ethan Mitchell, 1st place

Hendersonville High School

Account I - Luke Warrington, 9th place

Accounting II - Emma Luallen, 1st place

Advertising - Brooke Haley, 3rd place

Advertising - Reece Tyler, 5th place

Computer Problem Solving - Hua Jin, 5th place

Hospitality & Event Management - Ava Heeren and Sydney McDaniel, 1st place

Hospitality & Event Management - Campbell Cook and Mracy Grace Rodden, 3rd place

Introduction to Business Communication - Aca Gammons, 4th place

Introduction to Business Communication - Celia Wiston, 6th place

Introduction to Business Communication - Kaley Zadick, 10th place

Introduction to Event Planning - Kierra Broadway and Ava Gabriel, 3rd place

Introduction to FBLA - Teresa Brown, 5th place

Introduction to Financial Math - Matt Bailey, 2nd place

Introduction to Financial Math - Emerson Elrod, 3rd place

Securities and Investments - Morgan Enders, 2nd place

Supply Chain Management - Alex Mathis, 1st place

Portland High School

Advertising - Macerick Houston, 6th place

Advertising - Angela Aguirre, 8th place

Computer Problem Solving - Wesley Woods, 3rd place

Insurance and Risk Management - Addie Greer, 6th place

Job Interview - Kerry Pruett, 1st place

Journalism - Mickaela Sandlin, 2nd place

Organizational Leadership - Nick Suttle, 2nd place

Organizational Leadership - Samantha Chapman, 7th place

Personal Finance - Faith Keith, 4th place

Public Speaking - Josh Anderson, 5th place

Station Camp High School

Business Calculations - Madison Alfeldt

Business Caluclations - Adilyn Keylock

Economics - Maria Cabezas

Impromptu Speaking - Andrew Lawson, 1st place

Westmoreland High School

Human Resource Management - Madyn Adcock, 3rd place

Journalism - Sage Stidha , 6th Place

Journalism - Alana Bradley, 8th place

Personal Finance - Sterling Grant, 1st place

Personal Finance - Emmitt Adcock, 3rd place

Personal Finance - Wade Wells, 8th place

White House High School

Accounting - Daisy Saavedra, 4th place

Accounting - Mary Morris, 7th place

Accounting - Jacob Nolan, 11th place

Accounting - Kendall Dickerson, 13th place

Computer Problem Solving - Avery Anderson, 6th place

Health Care Administration - Alyssa Daniels, 2nd place

Health Care Administration - Elena Jones, 10th place

Health Care Administration - Jessica Gonzalez, 12th place

Insurance & Risk Management - Matti Ellis, 1st place

Insurance & Risk Management - Leander Copeland, 3rd place

Introduction to Business Communications - Anna Combs, 2nd place

Introduction to Financial Math - Chloe Williams, 4th place

Introduction to Information Technology - Emma Conger, 2nd place

Introduction to Information Technology - Skylar Gibbs, 3rd place

Introduction to Information Technology-Brooklyn Farmer, 4th place

Introduction to Information Technology - Maria Troche-Martinez, 5th place

DECA - District Results and State Qualifiers

Gallatin High School

Drew Dyer

Lilly DeGlopper

Calista Rich

Angela Mejia-Almaguer

Alysa Johnson

Aliva Barrett

Callie Oldham

Talan Harrison

Hendersonville High School

T.J. Carillon Retail Merchandising Series

Garrett Cody Marketing Management Team

Sadie Cooper Travel & Tourism Team

Molly Crockett Buying & Merchandising Team

Kyle Duvall Sports & Entertainment Team

Brooke Haley Travel & Tourism Team

Ava Heeren Entrepreneurship Team

John Mackorell Hospitality Services Team

Cam MacMaster Marketing Management Team

Alex Mathis Sports & Entertainment Series

Sydney McDaniel Entrepreneurship Team

Delaney Niemiec Sports & Entertainment Team

Aiden Roney Principles of Business Management & Administration

Kylie Sanders Buying & Merchandising Team

Colby Snyder Hosppitality Services Team

Ashtyn Thelen Principles of Marketing

Haley Wenzel Sports & Entertainment Series

Merrol Hyde Magnet School

Kaelyn Pinkley Accounting Applications Series, 2nd place

Ava Ballenger Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series, 4th place

Mary Mcillwain Automotive Services Marketing Series, 1st place

John Brake Automotive Services Marketing Series, 2nd place

Chase White Business Finance Series, 1st place

Carson Cox Business Finance Series, 8th place

Cohen Jones Business Services Marketing Series, 1st place

Kamran Sahihi Business Services Marketing Series, 4th place

Will Duenkel Entrepreneurship Series, 2nd place

Emily Kelly Financial Consulting Event, 3rd place

Caroline LaSuer Food Marketing Series, 4th place

Hadley Marshall Food Marketing Series, 10th place

Nicholas Brown Hotel & Lodging Management Series, 8th place

Ellis Pinkley Hotel & Lodging Management Series, 9th place

Sydnie Bergner Human Resources Management Series, 1st place

Brooke Brewer Human Resources Management Series, 7th place

Sana Ali Marketing Communication Series, 7th place

Emily Clemens Marketing Communication Series, 9th place

Sridhar Narain Personal Financial Literacy, 5th place

Chandler Baggott Principles of Finance, 2nd place

Austin White Principles of Finance, 6th place

Amory Hopper Principles of Hospitality & Tourism, 2nd place

Emma Hozan Principles of Hospitality & Tourism, 3rd place

Vaughn Navarro Principles of Marketing, 3rd place

Brooks Bohannon Principles of Marketing, 7th place

Presley Mingle Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series, 9th place

Seth Whitley Restaurant & Food Service Management Series, 3rd place

Lily Sahihi Retail Merchandising Series, 1st place

Sally Frank Retail Merchandising Series, 8th place

Grant Parsons Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series, 3rd place

Zack Jones Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series, 5th place

MHMS Summary:

1st Place - 5 Students/Categories

2nd Place - 5 Students/Categories

3rd Place - 5 Students/Categories

Top 3 - 15 students

White House High School

Atkinson, Emma Travel and Tourism TDM

Barbercheck, Courtney Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Delva, Briana Quick Serve Restaurant

Donnelly, Shannon Start-up Business Plan

Farmer, Brooklyn Hotel and Lodging Management

Grieb, Braeden Business Law and Ethics TDM

Hampton, Alex Sports and Entertainment TDM

Jenkins, Mackenzie Entrepreneurship TDM

Kelly, Maggie Hospitality Services TDM

Kreiner, Ellery Marketing Management TDM

Mann, Camden Start-up Business Plan

Mattison, Jordynn Financial Services TDM

Meador, Hannah Business Law and Ethics TDM

Miller, Mathew Sports and Entertainment TDM

Nelson, Jamari Buying and Merchandising TDM

Nokes, Kelsey Marketing Management TDM

Ralph, Donavan Financial Services TDM

Ramirez, Lauryn Hospitality Services TDM

Ramirez, Sophia Entrepreneurship TDM

Singleton, Chase Travel and Tourism TDM

Smith, Rachel Buying and Merchandising TDM

Station Camp High School

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HOSA State Qualifiers

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White House High School HOSA

The following students were awarded at the Upper Middle Tennessee HOSA Regional Conference! They are invited to compete at the HOSA State Conference in Knoxville on March 28-30.

Kaely Campos - 1st - Physical Therapy

Alyssa Daniels - 1st - Nursing Assisting

Brook McCray - 1st - Pharmacology

Jaley Greer & Sydnee Toland - 1st - Forensic Science

Samantha Nanez - 2nd - Behavioral Health

Chloe Hart - 3rd - Dental Terminology

Jayli Hendershot - 3rd - Sports Medicine

Gabby Meguiar - 4th - Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking

Jolene Vo - 4th - Pharmacy Science

Laura Moore - 5th - Pathophysiology
Hannah Crabtree, Jessica Gonzalez, and Elena Jones - 5th - Creative Problem Solving
Sarah Smith & Myriam Soria - 5th - CERT Skills
Lexy Davenport, Graeson Linton, and Lauryn Ramirez - Healthcare Issues Exam Finalists

Gallatin High School

Jacob Sanders placed 3rd in HOSA's Physical Therapy regional competition.

Hemi Patel, Maitri Patel and Jordan Birdwell placed 2nd in the region in HOSA's Creative Problem-Solving competition.

Station Camp High School

Madalyn Jones 3rd Place; Cultural Diversity and Disparities
Austin Miller 5th Place; Medical Terminology
Emma Ford 4th place; Nutrition
Caroline Savage 2nd Place; Nursing Assisting
Olivia Reedy 4th Place; Vet Science
Erin Hill, Ella Lancaster, Elle Lassiter, and Maddie Ray 3rd Place; Creative Problem Solving

FCCLA Results

Station Camp High School

FCCLA Districts were held on January 12, 2022. Students receiving awards and advancing to State are:

Abigayle Thornburg-Bronze Medal

Brynn Crowson-Silver Medal

Lydia Morrison-Silver Medal

Scarlett Mitchell-advancing directly to State

Caroline Campbell-advancing directly to State

FCCLA State Leadership Conference and STAR Events Competitions will be in Gatlinburg TN, during Spring Break from March 16-18.

WHS Structural Systems

The WHS Structural Systems class is going over the proper way to lay out and cut rafters. Students are shown four different ways to calculate the length of rafters and then are responsible for measuring and calculating the span, run, and construction of a set of rafters to fit a "jig." They are able to construct up to six sets of rafters using only 2-16' boards the way the jig is designed. This exercise allows them to construct rafters like on a job site and requires math skills, accurate use a tape measure, proper use of power tools (circular saw, air powered nail gun), work in teams to erect the rafters, and to ask questions. Students have done an excellent job and showed improvement each time they've made a set.

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SCHS FFA District Competitions

WHS - Foundations of Fashion Students

The Foundations of Fashion class used repurposed fabrics to make wheelchair & lap quilts for the elderly in the community.

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BHS Students Earn Microsoft Office Specialist Industry Certifications

Mrs. Douglas’ Advanced Computer Applications students passed and received their Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification. 42 students passed all 3 exams and are now considered a Microsoft Office Specialist.
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WHHS Students Earn Microsoft Office Specialist Industry Certifications

The following students in Mrs. Jones’s Computer Applications class have passed the Microsoft Office Specialist Word Associate Industry Certification test! (L-R) Serenity Smith, Adrianna Wray, Allie Haddon, and Isabella Wiley.

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HOSA and Sumner County Coordinated School Health

Sumner County CSH began a pilot partnership six years ago, and was able to share what they've learned and the many benefits experienced, at the 2022 Coordinated School Health Institute in Nashville. Health Science teachers and students presented at the conference. "There's no going back for us now; we've found an outstanding model that works to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies," Coordinator of Coordinated School Health, Janel Garrett said. Pictured L-R Janel Garrett (CSH Coordinator), Christin Ayre (SCHS), Wendy Vincent, (HHS), Makayla Armstrong, (HHS student), Jacob Sanders (GHS student), Amy Flowers (GHS), Megan Hartman (former GHS student/HOSA Leader), and Jessica Gibson (CSH Coordinator).

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CTE YouTube Channel - Coming Soon

Chris Peterson, CTE Lead Educator, has been busy filming CTE classrooms across the district. The videos will include interviews with CTE teachers and students, and showcase the work that takes place in CTE classrooms. Stayed tuned as all 15 videos will be released later this spring.