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Just a reminder! If you have websites your students visit regularly, send them my way! I'll start a symbaloo for you that links back to Destiny. You may recall I am working on creating a "one stop" page where students can find websites and resources for all classes.

On that same note, instead of having students blindly searching Bing/Google for websites, let me know what you need. I can either lead students through a quick search using Destiny Webpath Express for reviewed websites or help you identify specific sites ahead of time for student use. (which will then be linked through the school's symbaloo!)

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Office 365 apps on Shared iPads

Thanks to Mrs. Fane and her students, we discovered that you need to turn on a setting for the 365 apps in order to allow students to login and out. Without the "Delete Sign-in Credentials" turned on, students were getting an error saying someone else was already logged in.

To fix this: Go into settings, scroll down on the left hand side until you find Excel. Click on the app and select "Reset Excel". Turn on the "Delete Sign-in Credentials". Repeat for Powerpoint and Word.

OneDrive seems to allow one student to login and back out followed by another student logging into the app. Please let me know if you run into any difficulties with this!

Jenn Brower, Library Media Specialist

I can help with...

  • iPads - anything from trouble shooting to app suggestions
  • Tech integration / Tech support for lessons
  • General tech troubleshooting
  • Library books - including inter-library loan and pulling together books for project
  • English novels / book club choices
  • Research Support
  • Curate online resources using symbaloo or Destiny
  • And more!