Volcanic eruption

Describe the types of Pyroclastic materials and lava flows

Felsic magma

Felsic magma comes out of cindercores in violent eruptions is made of silica and feldspar it has more trapped gases it has high viscosity and is light colored the types of Pyroclastic materials are volcanic dust,volcanic ash, Lapilli, volcanic bombs and volcanic blocks.

Pyroclastic material

Lava flows

Mafic magma

Mafic magma comes out shild volcanos in quiet eruptions is made of magnesium and iron is has less trapped gases it has low viscosity and is dark colored the types of lava are pahoehoe aa and blocky lava.

Types of Volcanoes

Volcanic activity produces a variety of characteristic features that form during both quiet and explosive eruptions, volcanic cones are classified as three main types,shield volcano, cinder cones and composite volcanos.the funnel shaped pit at the top of a volcanic vent is known as a crater.the crater forms when material is blown out of the volcano by explosions.