Virtual Valentines Projects

Use the following resources to get your project completed

Tech Help

I created a YouCanBookMe Calendar so you can schedule a time for me to come if you need me! Again, I can do as much or as little as you need me to. Please let me know how I can help!

Creation Apps

Tellagami: Students can create an avatar and record themselves for 30 sec. talking to the partner class. We can put them all together into one video to send.
Sock Puppets: Group students to create a sock puppet presentation. We can put them into one video.
Puppet Pals 2: Similar to Sock Puppets, students can partner up and create a short story to your partner class. We can put them together to send one video.
ChatterPix Kids: Create something on paper and then use ChatterPix Kids to make the valentine talk. We can put them all together into one video.
Word Clouds: Brainstorm some words that your students want to send to your partner class. Input them into the Word Clouds app and create a visual cloud. Words that appear on the list more often appear bigger on the cloud.
Pic Collage: Create a virtual photo collage. You can add text, graphics, and photos.

Location Research

Research your partner class’s location. Here is a basic SHEET on questions for students to answer in looking information up. They can work on it in groups, individually, or as a class.

Distance Calculation

Calculate the distance in kilometers between your schools. MAPQUEST is a good resource as well as GOOGLE MAPS. If you use Google, you can also do street view that’ll give your students a 3D view of your partner school.

Distance Sharing

Share the distance between your schools on the GOOGLE FORM.

Optional Extensions

Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a videoconference with your partner school. I'd love to help out.