My Smore Flyer


Have any ping pong balls lying around? I have an idea. How about making a few easy and effective smoke bombs out of them? Everyday household materials are all you will need. They are very useful for paint ball or air soft matches, or just to have fun. They are also great for movie effects. (VicAlexander91 2008)

A smoke bomb is a type of bomb designed to make smoke when ignited. They are used for military action, paintball, airsoft, and entertainment. They are also used in smoke tests. The smoke bomb was first created in 1848, by British inventor Robert Yale. He modified Chinese fireworks to make more smoke. Since then many people have improved the idea of the smoke bomb. Today the most common smoke bombs are created by using sodium nitrate and glucose. (Wikipedia 2009)

In some cases the smoke bomb is designed for use as a marking or signaling device that can help to identify a location. At other times, the bomb may be utilized as part of the special effects utilized in a stage or theatrical production. The smoke bomb can also be used as a means of obscuring the line of vision for a short period of time.

The basic functionality of a smoke bomb involves using some type of oxidizing agent, such as potassium chlorate, along with a fuel source and some type of moderating compound. All these elements are teamed with an organic dye in powdered form. When the device is ignited or activated, the dye is released into the open air and immediately converts into a form of smoke that blankets the area for a short period of time.

There are three basic designs for a smoke bomb. The smoke ball is a round device that is often constructed with a clay shell. The compounds within the smoke ball release when the ball is shattered, and can provide a credible amount of smoke for several seconds. This type of smoke bomb usually has a limited range and is ideal for use in creating a quick diversion or for use in stage productions.

Smoke candles provide the effect of creating a field of smoke for a longer period of time. Usually cylindrical in shape, the smoke candle has the appearance of an oversized firecracker. When activated, a smoke bomb of this type will continue to produce a thick cloud of smoke for five to ten minutes with ease. The candles are often useful as a smoke testing device in various industrial applications, as well as for creating a credible smoke screen for use by law enforcement or in some types of outdoor games.

The smoke canister is the third common configuration for the smoke bomb. Sometimes known as a smoke grenade, the canister is activated by removing a pin, much in the manner of a grenade. Once the pin is removed, this type of smoke bomb will emit a steady flow of smoke for an extended period of time. Smoke canisters are ideal for signaling situations, such as in military maneuvers. (WISEGEEK 2003) Another form is a smoke screen. A smoke screen is smoke released to mask the movement or location of military units such as infantry, tanks, aircraft or ships. Smoke screens are commonly deployed either by a canister (such as a grenade) or generated by a vehicle (such as a tank or a warship).Whereas smoke screens would originally have been used to hide movement from enemies' line of sight, modern technology means that they are now also available in new forms; they can screen in the infrared as well as visible spectrum of light to prevent detection by infrared sensors or viewers, and also available for vehicles is a super dense on water. Artillery and mortars can also fire smoke generating munitions, and are the main means of generating tactical smokescreens on land. As with grenades, artillery shells are available as both emission type smoke shell, and bursting smoke shell. Mortars nearly always use bursting smoke rounds because of the smaller size of mortar bombs and the greater efficiency of bursting rounds. Smoke screens are usually used by infantry to conceal their movement in areas of exposure to enemy fire. They can also be used by armored fighting vehicles, such as tanks, to conceal a withdrawal. They have regularly been used since earliest times to disorient or drive off attackers. (Wikipedia 2009)

In general, the smoke bomb is intended to only produce a visual effect. The vast majority of the devices are specifically designed to be safe smoke bombs that will only generate a minimum amount of heat. However, smoke bombs can be designed that release eye irritants and other elements for use in specific situations, often related to military or law enforcement procedures. To make a colored smoke bomb you just add organic dye to the original smoke bomb.

Smoke bombs are not illegal. Much like many other in this great country, owning smoke bombs won’t get in trouble, but how you use them will. For example, if you ignite a smoke bomb in a public area, causing a disturbance, you’ll more than likely catch a charge. Use the bombs on your own property and in a responsible manner. (Ryan 2015)