danger of life

samantha weinstein

the dangers of life for you!

-your teeth might turn yellow

-yellow stain on fingers

-you could get a desease called "Emphystema"

-you could age faster

the danger for someone else

-it can become difficult to breathe

-the smell may get in there lungs

-it could ruin how much oxegen you have in yor lungs

the dangers of dangers phisically

-you may think differently

-feel different

--don't understand as much

-cant do sports


when you smoke your teeth will turn yellow slowly.every experience will turn worse yellow teeth to yellow stain on fingers. when your smoking your not the only one getting hurt. that is called 2nd hand smoking. when it goes into your lungs its very difficult to breathe because you don't have enough oxegen. you cant hurt yourself physically. you cant do sports and I love sports. stop smoking before you hurt just you and someone else.
The Real Cost Commercial: "Any Reason"
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