Kutztown University


Kutztown University is, obviously, in Kutztown, PA. The campus has nearly 50 different buildings, all serving different purposes. Administrative buildings, dorms, athletic buildings, and academic buildings. The university offers a program for first year students called "First Year Residential Experience," or F.Y.R.E. This program helps parents and students in the transition from high school and college. It helps students get used to living with a roommate, learning to do household chores, and how to handle your finances. This unique program helps first year college students to get used to life on there own. There are also apartments on campus for all students, minus first year freshmen. These apartments are coed and have much more amenities than the typical dorm room.

Activities & Opportunities

The University features a recreational center, clubs, and the opportunity to join fraternities and sororities. The rec center gives students the chance to enjoy many recreational sports, a rock climbing wall, and fitness training. A variety of clubs are also offered at Kutztown, many of which are sports clubs. If a student maintains a 2.25 college GPA or have a 2.5 high school GPA, he or she has the opportunity of joining a fraternity or sorority. These organizations offer a sense of family on campus and promote new friendships.

Kutztown also has many male and female sports teams. The athletic program offers 21 varsity sports. Kutztown competes in NCAA Division II both regionally and nationally. If you're not an athlete but wish to support your team, all students are admitted free to home sports events as well.

Programs and Majors

Kutztown University offers a variety of exciting activities and opportunities for students who attend the university. There are over 100 majors and minors available at the university covering a broad array of topics. Four colleges make up the school: College of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Business, College of LIberal Arts and Sciences, and College of Education. For those who have already graduated, there are 28 different graduate programs offered at Kutztown.


Q: What are the requirements to get into this school?

A: Requirements vary from program to program.

Q: What activities and programs are offered at this school?

A: 100 majors and minors; ranging from history, to math, to science

Q: Why are you considering this college?

A: I like the programs, campus, and student life opportunities that are offered at the university.

Q: What may people not know about this college?

A: The university offers programs to achieve a bachelor's degree in 3 years and a master's degree in 5 years.

Q: Where is the school located?

A: Kutztown, PA

Q: What is the school motto?

A: "Learn... to make a difference"

Q: What components make up the school? Is there a graduate program and what sort of colleges are inside the university?

A: There are 28 graduate degree programs and 4 colleges at the university: College of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and College of Education.

Q: What is the history of the school?

A: Founded in 1866 as the Keystone State Normal School. In 1928 it was renamed to Kutztown State Teacher's College and given the right to confer bachelor's degrees. In 1983 it was renamed again to its current name, Kutztown University.

Q: Are there any notable alumni?

A: -Andre Reed, a former professional football player

-George S. Messersmith, US ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State

-Ryan Vogelsong, Major League and Japanese League pitcher, all-star pitcher for the San Francisco GIants