Clinton Prairie Jr/Sr HS Library

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Battle of the Books

All the high school titles have arrived and are with team sponsors. We are still waiting on three middle school titles, but the seven we have are with team sponsors. Members of Battle teams can start picking up their books any time! The middle school's Yellow Team is already throwing down the gauntlet to their competition; I'm excited to see the competition unfold!

We are very grateful for the Clinton County Community Foundation grant that is making the Battle of the Books possible this year. Please share your appreciation with them as well!

Ninth Grade Pride and Prejudice Interactive Book Club

Mrs. Abney and I are hosting a book club event between December and February for any interested freshmen. These students will begin reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice over winter break with a reading benchmark for January and completion in February. While reading, students will also watch a modernized version of the story unfold at the Lizzie Bennet Diaries site. When the book club is complete, those who participated throughout the course of the project will be permitted to come to the prize party!

#mustacheyoutoread Campaign

The awesome librarians over at Teen Librarian's Toolbox introduced me to a new idea a few days ago on Twitter. They hope the #mustacheyoutoread campaign will go viral soon; for more info about how it started, check out their original post here.

We have started setting up our bulletin board (check it out below!) and sent out flyers to all our teachers asking them to join in the fun. The whole idea is that students (and staff) will come by with a book to recommend, pose with a 'stache, and get their pictures on the board and Twitter/Facebook (if they want).

Relaxation Cafe

The end of the semester is coming soon, and that means finals. To help combat stress, the library will offer the Relaxation Cafe to eligible students in grades 9-12 during non-final hours on December 19-21. To be eligible, students must be passing all classes with a C or above, and they must sign up prior to the event. Relaxation Cafe features activities to de-stress as well as holiday-themed snacks. We hope to see you there!

18-Week Technology Challenge for Staff

The new semester can sometimes get a little dreary with overcast days, early sunsets, and long stretches between breaks. To help keep things exciting, I'm hosting an 18-Week Technology Challenge for CPHS staff at my blog (see link below). Each week, participating staff members will be introduced to a new tool and given a task to complete with the tool. I'll give random prizes periodically throughout the course of the semester, and there will be a bigger prize for someone who has completed all the tasks.