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Life in Our Middle Ages Classroom

Using the "S" Word

Yes, it is SOL time. That is the term that I don't use very much to students and parents. Why, because it is too much pressure for the students and as I have told your children, has no impact on their grades or whether or not they go to fifth grade. We have talked about doing their best, as it helps me see how well I have done with them this year and what I need to do differently in the future.

SOL Basics for us. Fourth grade will take the math SOL this week on Tuesday and Thursday and the reading SOL next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please have your child eat a good breakfast and be at school on time those days. We want to make sure they are as rested and ready as possible for the tests.

If your child is absent for one of the days, plan for them to take the test on the day they return to school. However, they may not take the test that day, depending on if there is a teacher who is available to administer it to them.

If you have any questions about SOLs, please don't hesitate to ask them.

Science Only?

Yes, we will only be studying science this nine weeks. So you will not see a Social Studies grade for the fourth nine weeks, only for the year when the next report cards arrive. Our next unit is on the solar system.