InfinitiKloud Review 2019

Too Good to be True? Read More to Avoid Scams

InfinitiKloud USB Reviews Are In! Recovering your important files is now simple, fast, and easy.

If you’ve ever had your computer crash, you may have lost important documents, files and even your favorite media. Having this happen to me more times than I can handle, I started using InfinitiKloud. This amazing device comes in 64GB and 128GB found here on their official site.

InfinitiKloud is the easiest and smartest way to know your important files are kept safe in the event of a crash, virus, or hard drive failure.

Never Lose Another Important File Again

I do all my work from my company laptop and have files upon files of important content, images, media and documents I can’t afford to lose.

Just last week, when I turned my laptop on, the screen went pitch black and I was unable to log in. Needless to say, it was a goner. Along with all of my important files and work that I have compiled over two solid years. Sometimes a laptop has just reached the end of the road and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Luckily, it is mandatory for everyone using a laptop to back up their important files with the InfinitiKloud 128GB. Because of this clever little device, all of my important files were easily restored and transferred onto a new laptop in just a few minutes.

Your Other Options and Why They Don’t Work

The Problem with Bandwidth

If you work in an office that is constantly producing content, creating online documents, and hoping to save it on the cloud, the internet bandwidth may not be able to keep up with the pace of work being produced. Bandwidth limitations have an impact on the rate of data being transferred and could affect the files you are trying to backup, ultimately slowing down the entire operation.

Commercial Backup Software Programs

Backup Software Programs are some of the more common solutions used to backup files, especially for personal computers and laptops. There are countless programs for you to choose from, but they often require set up, maintenance, and come with a hefty price. And for those who are not as tech savvy, navigating through the interface may take some time.

The Computer Guy

Whether you’re at home, the office or school, a call to your local IT department or computer repair technician will set you back hundreds of dollars (depending on the problem). They may charge by the hour, or take your laptop away with NO guarantee they can recover your files.

Computer maintenance is important and now InfinitiKloud has made it easy and accessible for anyone to use.


The InfinitiKloud USB is a super simple backup device with built-in software. With InfinitiKloud, all you need to do is insert the USB into your laptop or computer, and it will instantly backup your selected files. I am constantly creating new content every day, so I use the InfinitiKloud 128GB for the maximum storage space.

Although I work with many tech savvy people, I am far from it. So I felt a bit intimidated when I plugged the InfinitiKloud into my laptop and a screen popped up prompting me to “Start”. Luckily, that’s all I needed to do. Navigating through the app is easy and takes no time at all. I was able to select the important files I needed to be backed up, and even customized it to fit my specified file extensions.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps to Backup Your Important Files:

  1. Plug the InfinitiKloud

  2. Open your folders and click on the InfinitiKloud icon to start the program

  3. To perform a backup, press the “Start” button on the “General” tab on the program

In a fast pace work environment, InfinitiKloud could save you the stress and headache if there’s a glitch with your laptop. Compared to the other options, InfinitiKloud creates an overall better user experience:

  • Convenient

  • Easy to use

  • Works on any Mac or PC

  • Does not require internet access

  • Optimal security

  • Supports multiple languages (English, French, German, Portuguese)

  • Cost efficient (buy 2, get 45% off, buy 3, get 50% off)

InfinitiKloud Reviews and User’s Experiences

One satisfied customer had thousands of pictures and hours of video footage on his laptop from a year long travel through Asia. Before his trip, he purchased the InfinitiKloud 64GB to backup his media. When he got home, his laptop crashed, and could not be repaired. Luckily, his important files were recovered and he was able to access his photos and videos. “I am constantly taking pictures and recording things with my phone. This was the biggest trip I would ever take in my entire life before I settle down with a wife and kids! I wasn’t going to take any chances. So happy I had the InfinitiKloud to backup my files.” - Robert Calloway

The owner of a small business learned the hard way how important it is to backup important files and documents. Most companies that lose their data will shut down within that year. In some cases, they even file for bankruptcy.

“We lost all of our data within the first two years of opening. Two years is young for a business, but long enough to compile a significant amount of data. We thought we may have to file for bankruptcy because it was long and expensive to recover our files. Since then, we’ve been using InfinitiKloud to backup our important files. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but it’s reassuring to know that if it does, we’re protected.” - Gerome Henderson

Get the InfinitiKloud Today to Start Protecting Your Important Files

Unlike other devices that make false claims to “automatically backup all your files”, InfinitiKloud allows you to choose your files to be restored to specified locations in your computer. If you’re ready to start protecting your data, you can get the InfinitiKloud 64 and InfinitiKloud 128 on their official website. The more you purchase, the better the discounts. And even if you’re undecided, you can buy it with a money back guarantee. That way, you know there’s no risk.