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For Those Using the Adjusted Final Grade in OAKS...

When you used the OAKS Gradebook "Set Up Wizard," you selected which type of grade to release to your students: calculated or adjusted.

If you chose to release an adjusted final grade to your students, but have not actually typed scores into the adjusted final grade column, your students will not see anything (as indicated in the screenshots below).

Transfer Calculated Grade to Adjusted Grade Column

You can easily transfer the calculated final grade to the adjusted final grade column, and then make any adjustments to the grade that you wish.

After clicking on Enter Grades from the menu, click on the green arrow next to the empty fields.

Big image
Big image
Big image

Now You're Ready to Make Those Grades Viewable By Your Students

Releasing Final Grades

  1. Access the Grades tool.
  2. Click on the Manage Grades tab.
  3. Click on the small grey triangle next to Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade (it doesn't matter which).
  4. Choose Enter Grades from the drop-down menu.
  5. Next to Final Grades at the top of the window, click on the small triangle.
  6. Choose Release All from the drop-down menu.
  7. You should now see check marks in the boxes next to each student's name in the "Release Final Grade" column.
Big image
Big image

From the Enter Grades view, you should see an open eye icon next to the Final Adjusted Grade column:

Big image

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