By Andrew Wicker

What is the capital city and four other major cities in Bolivia?

The capital city of Bolivia is La Paz.

And the four major cities are Trinidad, Santa Cruz, Oruro, and Tarijia

The history of Bolivia

First Bolivia was controlled by Spain. Then Bolivia gained its independence in 1824 with the help of Simon Bolivar and the country was named after Bolivar.



The official language of Bolivia

Bolivia has many differet languages but the one that is most spoken offcial language is Spanish. The other official languages are Quechua, Aymara, Guarani.

The Bolivian flag

The Bolivian flag has three equal horizontal lines that are red, yellow, and green.

With a coat of arms in the center

The geography of Bolivia

Bolivia is located Southwest of Brazil and in central South America and landlocked.

Three physical features of Bolivia are hills, Andes Mountains, and Altiplano plateau.

Bolivian government

The type of government Bolivia has is a republic and their leader is Evo Morales.

The economy of Bolivia

The currency of Bolivia is called a Boliviano and their economic system is capitalism.

Why should people visit Bolivia?

People should visit Bolivia because some places in Bolivia are beautiful and what should people do in Bolivia people should ge see the Andes mountains.