Inside Gaming Internet Cafe

Take an inside look into gaming

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We have some rules though

  1. Betting or buying any in-game currency is not allowed
  2. Kids under 12 not allowed into the teen room.
  3. Kids under 13 are not allowed until 3 PM
  4. You can not use the equipment for longer than an hour, you must take a 5 minute break,
  5. Teen room can play E-M rated games.
  6. If you bring kids under 7 you can't let them wander by themselves.

We have some of the best equipment money could buy.

Opening hours

Monday 3pm-12am

Tuesday 3pm-12am

Wednesday 3pm-12am

Thursday 3pm-12am

Friday 2pm- 3am

Saturday 7am-3am

Sunday 7am-12am