Name Changer

By:Ahmed Kadar

Question,Matierials,and Procedure

I wanted to figure out if the name of something affects the taste of it,and so I obtained some of the following:

1.2 closed off cups

2.2 straws

3.A drink

4.2 different names

And then I started the investigation.

1.Get a group of people

2.Have them go to a seperate room and taste both drinks.

3.Have them say which one they liked most,and record in journal

4.Repeat process for whole group one by one.


Controlled Variables:Straws,Cups,Room,Drink

Independent Variable:The name of the drinks

Dependent Variable:The drinks themselves

Results and Conclusion

After 5 or 6 tries we checked our results and out of Orange with Citrus and Orange Blast,Orange Blast had the most votes.So I guess it depends on how you think,and if you think different names appeal differently.


These are two things from my research that I want to share:

1.There are 7 ways to change the taste of something,but none were name.

From (I think)

2.I saw a diagram of the different parts of the Tounge and what each part tastes

Ex:The front could taste sweet things while the back tastes sour things.

From Unknown Found on Google Images