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Open LRC Available to Students

Did you know the LRC is open to students before and after school? Come in any time between 7:30am and 8am before school or after school between 3:25 pm and 4:25pm. Work on a school project, get some extra help, check out a Chrome, enjoy a great book- the choice is yours!

Sports of the Century - By Robert Del Cotto

You have most likely heard that spring training has started for the Sox and Cubs. To test their skills the two Chicago teams had a scrimmage (Practice game). With last year's world champs, the Cubs, and one of the worst teams in the MLB right now, the Sox, logical reasoning would suggest that Cubs would cream the Sox, but surprisingly they tied! The end-game score ended up resulting 4-4. Most Cubs fans found this absurd, but the Sox finally cranked out a good game. Hopefully, the Sox could do this during the season.

In addition, a traditional rule changed in the MLB for this season. An intentional walk-off is a rule that allows the pitcher to throw four wild balls to prevent a good hitter from hitting a good hit. Many MLB fans are upset to hear that instead of traditionally throwing four balls, the team's coach has to call for an international walk to quicken the game. Many fans could be upset about this because if the catcher misses a wild ball while the pitcher is performing an international walk, a runner on third could score a run which would determine the fate of the game. This makes the game more exciting.

The official MLB 2017 baseball season started on April 2.

This has been Sports of the Century, by Robert Del Cotto.

(Book review- Kashmala Ahmad) The Mysterious Benedict Society

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” is a book filled with adventure, suspense, and mystery. It is about 4 kids, who want to start a life without the hardships they carry as orphans. So when an ad in the newspaper calls for a test that sends some highly advanced children to a special school for gaming, it is no surprise when many kids jump onto the opportunity. When Reynie enters, he meets something more sinister and threatening than any special school at all….

Pennies for pasta - by Tommy Baron

Pennies for pasta is a organization created by Olive Garden and They're reaching out to the Elementary School Middle schools and High schools School to donate money, It's a program to benefit research for blood Cancers and help the quality of life for Patients and their families. This organization has been here for 13 years and raised over 31 million dollars. Now they’re reaching out to you to help them help others.

(Book review-by Kashmala Ahmad) The Screaming Staircase By: Jonathan Stroud

This book review’s genre is spooky for any teens who like a scare! This book is in a series, and once you read the first, you will be HOOKED! This story starts off in

London, where there has been a sudden paranormal ghost invasion. What I really like about this book, is that it explains the past of the ghosts that were dead, and sometimes the details are gory and scary! This is all about getting you scared, and it really gets you in the moment. It describes how to ghost’s look, and really gets you drawn in.


Rasleen Dhaliwal got to interview a fellow 7th grade student at JJH, Miranda Kubek, about her organization for feminine hygiene products.

Q: What made you create this organization?

A: Feminine hygiene products were the least donated items in drives and I wanted the American community to get what they need.

Q: What does your organization do?

A: We collect feminine hygiene products.

Q: Are you receiving any help?

A: A lot of support from Ms. Madden, Ms. Loboda, my friends, and mostly me.

Q: How can we help?

A: By bringing feminine hygiene products to the health room in the office.

Q:How does this help others?

A: My drive makes sure women in our community who are in poverty stay dignified.

Q: What is the cause, and what is the effect?

A: Making sure women in our community have what they need, because everyone, no matter what their status in life should feel clean and healthy.

Q: Describe what your organization looks like

A: The box in the office health room is basically the whole entire thing besides the donations. Please donate to this box in the JJH office health room, we need as much feminine hygiene products as we can get!

Q: How long has this been going on for?

A:. Early or middle of February and the drive was ended March 28th 2017. All items will be donated to the West suburban food pantry.

Calvin and Hobbes comic

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The Frozen Squirrel - by Zach McGrath

Zach's brother Luke, was making a bonfire with his friends, and went to the side of the house to gather fire wood to start it and Luke and his friends found a dead, frozen squirrel. When Zach came outside to see how the bonfire was doing, he heard about the squirrel and was grossed out by it laying on the side of the house. Later with the help of Luke's friends, Luke put the squirrel into a large paper-bag. The next morning Zach was asked by his mom to put the squirrel out into the garbage to get rid of it, but when Zach went out there he found the squirrel out of the bag ripped to shreds and in half. Zach now assumes that the squirrel was ripped by coyotes.

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