Up in the Sky

The Pilot in Me

My Dream

My dream is to become a pilot and fly all over the world. I have always enjoyed seeing planes flying over and wondering where they are going. I love the feeling of knowing I could pack up and go to Florida one day, then be in California the next.

Pilot's Checklist

- A degree in aeronautics, engineering, or technology

- Flight training at a flight school

- 20/20 vision

- 21 years of age

- Passport and other travel documents

- 1200 total flight time

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My Goals

M y goal is to go to college and graduate with a degree in aeronautical engineering. I will then go to a flight school and complete that course. I will then apply for a commercial or private job.

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What Flying Means to me

For me, flying is a way to get a different perspective of the world. It is also a way to be free of stop signs and red lights. One is a lot more free up in the air.