Wong Family Update--February 2014

Focus on International Commission

Busy Times

Hello All,

We want to give you an update on what has been going on since Christmas. If you can remember, David had the opportunity to travel to three countries in three weeks with International Commission. Many great things came from those trips, and we just want to share with you some of the highlights.

We thank you for praying for us while he was gone, but we ask that you continue to lift up those lives that were touched as well as the upcoming trips.

You are important to us, and we are honored to call you family and friends.


David and Pam and family


Leaders from Central America met in Managua, Nicaragua for their annual International Commission Conference in January.

Fourteen of us attended including Francisco Nunez who help start the ministry over 40 years ago. The total number of years of service to IC from the leaders who were present, totaled over 150 years! Highlights of this meeting included a special speaker, Floriano Ramos from Mexico. Floriano's teachings are breaking through many traditions and cutting to the basics of evangelism through relationships.


From Nicaragua I left for Barranquilla and Cartagena Colombia for a leader's meeting and project that was being conducted in Cartagena.

The meeting was for the purpose of organizing a National IC Team for Colombia. This went well as many Pastors/Leaders shared inspiring stories and experiences from prior projects with IC.

The project was incredible. Over 28 churches participated with over 2000 decision for Christ. Twenty workers traveled over 30 hours by bus from Venezuela to help. Eight of these went even further to work in a small pueblo located 2 hours outside of the city. All eight had to travel there on the back of motorcycles.


International Commission leaders met in Mexico City with pastors and leaders from various states in Mexico. IC president Rodney Cavett and his wife Deborah were there as well as Francisco Nunez, wife Rosalva, along with me and Pam.

This trip was very important as we led these pastors and leaders in establishing there own Mission/Vision Statement.

Please pray for Lidia and three key leaders, Oscar, Jorge and Alberto, who are establishing a plan and budget for the country.