Changing the World... One Charm at a Time


I'm sooo excited to announce my 2014 Origami Owl Charm Changers Club!! I am thrilled to finally put wings on this idea and invite YOU to join me in "Changing the World... One Charm at a Time"!!

So... here's how the Charm Changers Club (CCC) works...
* Order 5 charms, get the 6th charm for FREE (I will mail this separately to you.)
All charms are $5 each.
* Order 5-6 times in 2014 from my website:

(see schedule below)
* Each CCC member is responsible for paying the tax and shipping for each order.

Sales tax is based on the shipping address and Shipping is $5.95 per order under $100.
* Get a FREE Charm Case for storing all your changing charms
* Get a FREE pair of tweezers to help you change them out
* (MY FAVORITE PART!) At the end of that month, I will donate a portion of the sales

from our club to a charity, cause, or family in need.

* The "Charm Changer of the Month" gets to CHOOSE THE CHARITY.

This person will rotate.

Here is the schedule:
1. January - (before Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day)
2. March - (Spring, Easter, and before Mother's Day)
3. June - (Summer and before 4th of July)
4. August - (start of school and before Fall and Halloween)
5. October - (Fall and before Thanksgiving)
6. December - (Christmas, Winter, New Years)

The Charm Changers are completely free to choose whatever charms they want each month. They can choose the Holiday or Special Edition charms, other charms for their personal collection, or it can be for a gift for someone else... and they may add more products to the order than just the charms. But, I will always make suggestions for that particular month.

At this time, I have a LIMITED number of spots open for the 1st Annual Charm Changers Club (and fundraiser). So, let me know ASAP if you want to join this exclusive club!

Our first order will be open from January 2nd to January 9th... THIS IS JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE'S DAY ORDERS and LIMITED EDITION CHARMS!!

I am sooooooooo excited about the 2014 Charm Changers Club!!!

Want to join me? Let me know via email, text, or facebook!

Ready to order??

Click here:

or search for Melissa Dettmer as the hostess in the drop down search menu on my website.

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