Dealey Dragon Update

April 8, 2019

Thank you amazing Dealey families for your support at Auction!!!! Please see this week's news:

STAAR testing

Many of our students will be testing this week. Please be aware so we can maintain an orderly and quiet testing environment

April 9th - 4th, 7th Grade Writing, 5th Grade Math

April 10th - 5th, 8th Grade Reading, 7th Grade Pre AP Math

DISD 1:1 Technology

The Kindles arrived from DISD for K-2 classrooms. Ms. Simmons and I will attend training on April 15. After our training, we will have information about the roll out and teacher training. You can access details of the district's technology plan here

Middle School Piano

Due to changes in teacher allocations, we will not offer piano as an elective in Middle School next year. We will keep the pianos with the hope that we can offer piano as a club after school, and students that selected piano will be placed in their 5th choice elective. We appreciate Ms. Moody's investment and service to Dealey.

Important Dates

April 9,10 STAAR Testing

April 12 Last day of 5th 6 Weeks

April 16 Spring Orchestra Concert

April 18 Advanced Theater Performance

April 19 No School

April 22 No School

Smartphones, Social Media and School

In Middle School, we have had a couple incidents of cellphones and/or social media causing disruption. Our teachers have classroom expectations and rules for the use of devices, and DISD has policies as well. I wanted to share a few reminders.

Dallas ISD’s Acceptable Use Policy

  • Students should not attempt to bypass network filtering or disable or bypass any internet filtering device.

  • Students are not allowed to misuse resources through unapproved technology use e. g playing games, watching videos, downloading music, accessing social media.

  • Students are prohibited from the use of social media and electronic messages that are abusive, obscene, sexual oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation including but not limited to students, teachers, staff, or volunteers.

Dealey’s Cell Phone Use Policy

  • Student may use their electronic devices and headphones in the gym before 8:15.

  • Students may not use headphones/ electronic devices in the hallways or in the cafeteria.

  • From 8:15-3:40, students should keep their electronic devices out of sight and turned off unless they have permission to use the device.

As the parent of a teenager, I understand the struggle to have sensible and safe expectations for use of devices and social media. I found a pretty good article that gives some good tips and ideas for Middle Schoolers. I hope you find it helpful.

While Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids

Shout Outs

Auction Committee - Danielle O’Niel, Stephanie Buholz, Ashli McLeod, Alishia Salmon- for an AMAZING event! Thank you for your creativity, problem solving and hard work!!!

Teachers that attended auction- thank you for sharing your time to show your support of this event!

Ms. Emery, Ms. Cole, Ms. Ganjoo and Ms. Spitzer for helping with interview last week.

Ms. Henderson for excellent testing training and plan (Ms. Cole for the seating charts!)

Ms. Calderon for differentiating Math instruction based on students’ needs.

Ms. Lavat for getting her 2nd graders SOOOO excited about multiplication.

Ms. Garrett for the amazing student directed Fairy Tale plays- they were so well done!

PreK/K teachers for welcoming some teachers from Hernandez in to do observations