Jefferson VS Adams

by brittany navarro


I chose him because he was a smart and intelligent man. He was also a author of the principal of the Decleration of Independence. He knew what we people need for us to have the rights of us americans.

Thomas Jefferson didn't want us to be slaves or be controlled by a king. All of us have are own rights like the Bill of Rights'. The freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. Or the right to bear arms, and even to plaid the 5th.

Thomas jefferson didn't want this country to rot away with the rest of history as if it was nothing. He wanted us the people who live in america to always remember that over the battles have spilled blood on the cold hearted ground. To not back down as a nation a union as a family. He was a great person as like George Washington. That is why I chose him it was because he tried everything he could as he did his term of presidency.