LeRon Ellis

LeRon Ellis: A Standout Basketball Player

LeRon Ellis

LeRon Ellis was a standout basketball player in high school in his native Los Angeles. He went on to a stellar collegiate career at the University of Kentucky and Syracuse. LeRon Ellis was drafted into the National Basketball Association. After retiring, LeRon Ellis worked for Vector Marketing and Kaiser Permanente. He speaks Spanish and Italian, and spent a year as an English instructor in Bangkok, Thailand.

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LeRon Ellis: Sales Representative and Senior Advisor

LeRon Ellis is a former professional athlete who has shown that he picked up important marketable skills as a college player at the University of Kentucky and Syracuse University. He studied Marketing at both UK and Syracuse, and at the latter institution also branched out into anthropology.

At that time LeRon Ellis was a basketball player first and foremost. He was a smoothing-moving center with a solid shooting touch and excellent defensive skills. He played for two seasons at UK and two more at Syracuse, and he was good enough to be taken by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first found of the 1991 NBA draft.

LeRon Ellis played for three seasons in the NBA, for the Clippers, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Miami Heat. He also played several years overseas. He later went on to become a Sales Representative and Senior Advisor at Vector Marketing Corporation in Los Angeles, where he exceeded his annual sales quotas and ranked in the top two percent of the company’s sales force.

LeRon Ellis has taken his skills to several other companies, but all along has remembered the importance of giving back to society. He has volunteered his time and abilities to animal rescue groups, to the Boys and Girls Club of America, the National Basketball Association, and the Basketball Association of America, among other organizations. In addition to English, LeRon Ellis speaks Spanish and Italian, and spent a year in Bangkok, Thailand as an English instructor. He enjoys sharing his talents with other people.
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LeRon Ellis: A First for African Americans

LeRon Ellis is known as a fierce competitor, whether he is playing on the basketball court or working in the business world.

LeRon Ellis had an outstanding collegiate basketball career, where he played for both the University of Kentucky and Syracuse University. He was known as a smooth-shooting center and power forward with outstanding defensive skills. LeRon Ellis was good enough to be taken in the first round of the NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. He went on to play for the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat, and also to play overseas.

One of his best seasons ever came at the University of Kentucky. But LeRon Ellis also showed the world that he was his own man, capable of making a decision and sticking to it in the face of adversity. At the start of his sophomore season, LeRon Ellis made news by becoming the first African American to be inducted into UK’s Kappa Alpha fraternity. Some questioned why he would join a frat that often displayed the Confederate flag, but LeRon Ellis parried the questions by saying, “All that’s been blown way out of proportion...I’ve got the same reasons as any regular pledge for going through rush for a fraternity.”

Once his playing days were over, LeRon Ellis went on to a rich and varied career in business. . He served as a Sales Representative and Senior Advisor at Vector Marketing, as an Enroller at Kaiser Permanente, and a Quality Assurance tester at Activision/Volt in Santa Monica, California.

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LeRon Ellis: A Gifted Athlete

LeRon Ellis grew up a gifted athlete who excelled not only at basketball, but at water polo and track, where his specialty was the triple jump.

Athletics appears to have been in his genetic makeup. LeRon Ellis’s father was a former NBA player who spent fourteen years in the pros. His sister played basketball for California State University-Long Beach, and for University Of Kentucky and his older brother played Division I basketball for the University of the Pacific, as well as Division II Kentucky Wesleyan. Three from same family all playing in Kentucky.

LeRon Ellis was a standout basketball player at high schools in Portland, Oregon, and in Los Angeles. He played center at the time, and demonstrated a dominating style of play in both offense and defense. LeRon Ellis was known for excellent shot blocking abilities, and for his quickness and agility. His skills caught the attention of collegiate scouts, and LeRon Ellis considered playing at St. John’s University, Georgtown, and the University of Southern California.

Before he entered the NCAA, LeRon Ellis spent a summer playing in U.S. Olympic Festival basketball games for the West team, as well as in Pan American Games. Once he began playing for Kentucky he quickly became a highly regarded freshman. But he had his best year as a sophomore, when he averaged a career-high sixteen points per game and had a 51.9 percent field goal percentage.

LeRon Ellis switched to Syracuse University for the last two years of college ball. His play was good enough to get him taken by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first-round of the NBA draft. He later played for the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat.

Since retiring from basketball, LeRon Ellis, worked in Sales and Marketing, and been a Technical DJ.