Future Technology

with Lucy and Eloise!

Techno Scanner

Have you ever wondered what something is or want facts about something? Well get the Techno Scanner.

The Techno Scanner is useful. One of the reasons is, It's light wait and small so it can fit in your pocket.

You can also get bigger ones which tell you more facts and take pictures with it and save it to files.

More infomation about the Techno Scanner.

The Techno Scanner comes at great prices!

The special Addition-£999

Pocket Addition-£399


You can buy them at all Technology Stores!

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This is picture of one in process.

Big image

BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy the Techno Scanner now!

More additions will be coming out next year like the: Glow in the dark addition and the Language addition which helps you understand different languages!!

The Air Pen

We are working on the new techno air pen.

Sadly, we have not yet finished it, so it is not out yet in the stores.

Here is a picture of what it can do.

How it Works...

The Techno Air pen may be a little expensive but it is defiantly well worth it.

If you have always dreamed of something you always wanted and your parents or you could never afford it well this is the thing for you!

The pen is easy to hold and draw with, just like a normal pen or pencil is.

You press the bottom on the side and hold it down to draw what ever you want.

If it's a car like a jaguar, a pet lion or even your own private jet!

Anything you can think of you can do!!

When you draw it you only have to wait 2-3 minutes and then your pet lion or your new human friend will come alive and will act just like a normal one of what you have drawn!!!!!

Wrist Icon

the wrist icon is a phone which is on your wrist it acts just like a phone!

here is a video.